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The Joy of Learning

Joy of Learning

The process of learning requires one to do difficult things, to take risks, to think deeply about problems and develop solutions. This happens naturally when students are truly engaged.


We are an enrichment and tuition centre that believes in holistic constructive engagement. We do this by designing the conditions for joyous learning, from curricula down to classrooms. Guided by nurturing teachers, our young learners lose their fear of making mistakes and learn to appreciate learning for what it is – a joyous process.


And when students enjoy learning, you’ll be surprised at just what they can accomplish.

Read more about the link between happiness and academic achievement.

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Why Joyous Learning?

The Grade Happiness Equation

Passionate nurturing teachers
Nurturing Teachers

Our passionate and nurturing teachers know how to bring out the best in every student. Besides having in-depth domain knowledge and teaching experience, they know how to create a positive classroom environment that encourages students to open up, discuss ideas and absorb knowledge like a sponge.

The ability of our teachers to connect with students is why your child will achieve better results at Joyous Learning.

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Rigorous & Engaging Curriculum

Curriculum is not a commodity. Instead of rote learning and endless drills, we believe in nurturing students to be independent thinkers. Children are inquisitive creatures; they ask ‘why’ all the time in their bid to find out how the world around them works. Our engaging curriculum taps into this inherent inquisitiveness to ignite a self-sustaining passion for learning.

If your children are aspiring to clinch that A* for PSLE or to gain admission into the Gifted Education Programme, our programmes are perfect for you.

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Well designed Curriculum
Creative independent learners
Conducive Learning Environment

The number of students is limited to 9 per class to ensure that your child receives the attention he or she needs from our teachers to develop and flourish.

We've also gone to great lengths to create a homely and cosy environment that is conducive to your child's learning. In addition to a mini-library where borrowing works on a trust system, we have a pantry stocked with refreshments where students flock to during breaks.

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