The Joy of Learning

We are an enrichment and tuition centre that believes in holistic constructive engagement. We do this by designing the conditions for joyous learning, from curricula down to classrooms. Guided by nurturing teachers, our young learners lose their fear of making mistakes and learn to appreciate learning for what it is – a joyous process.

And when students love learning, you’ll be surprised at just what they can accomplish.

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Why Joyous Learning?


Nurturing Teachers

Our passionate and nurturing teachers know how to bring out the best in every student. Besides having in-depth domain knowledge and teaching experience, they know how to create a positive classroom environment that encourages students to open up, discuss ideas and absorb knowledge like a sponge.

The ability of our teachers to connect with students is why your child will achieve better results at Joyous Learning.


Rigorous & Engaging Curriculum

Curriculum is not a commodity. Instead of rote learning and endless drills, we believe in nurturing students to be independent thinkers. Children are inquisitive creatures; they ask ‘why’ all the time in their bid to find out how the world around them works. Our engaging curriculum taps into this inherent inquisitiveness to ignite a self-sustaining passion for learning.

If your children are aspiring to clinch that A* for PSLE or to gain admission into the Gifted Education Programme, our programmes are perfect for you.


Conducive Learning Environment

The number of students is limited to 9 per class to ensure that your child receives the attention he or she needs from our teachers to develop and flourish.

We’ve also gone to great lengths to create a homely and cosy environment that is conducive to your child’s learning. In addition to a mini-library where borrowing works on a trust system, we have a pantry stocked with refreshments where students flock to during breaks.

Here are what some Parents and Students say about lessons at Joyous Learning

Charles Yong
Charles Yong
The lessons are fun and exciting and I always enjoy coming here! Mr Goh is also a very engaging teacher who makes my lesson even better!
Ray Ray
Ray Ray
Joined Joyous Learning's Holiday GEP Booster Modules recently. I love my teachers, Mr Marcus and Mr Sim, who are great in teaching both Eng and Math. Although the GEP questions were tough, the teachers explained answers to us clearly, and are truly very knowledgeable. Am looking forward to learning more at Joyous! :p
MyKloset Story
MyKloset Story
My son enjoyed his holiday programme with Joyous.
My son started to go here since this Jan. I've trid multiple other Math/Eng tuition center but it was not successful for many reasons. My son likes the teacher here, especially Mr Sim. He is very patient and know how to handle the kids well. I recommend!
Nelly Yong
Nelly Yong
My daughter is currently attending the P4 GEP English class with Mr Goh. She has shown great improvements in her writing, vocabulary as well as grammar. She finds the classes fun and interesting, therefore she is always looking forward to attending them. Mr Goh is a dedicated and engaging teacher. He has provided us with lots of support, advices and monitored our daughter's progress.
elaine chai
elaine chai
I like joyous learning. Mr Goh makes the lesson fun and exciting. Because of Joyous Learning, my composition and vocabulary has improved a lot.😍 I would suggest Joyous Learning if you are looking for an English lesson. Jovie Lee Si Yun St nicks
Creative Art & Stationery
Creative Art & Stationery
I like the Thinking Writer at joyous learning
My child attended the *Faster than calculator* class at Joyous Learning. She learnt tips and tricks to calculate faster and enjoyed the sessions too. I would recommend Joyous Learning if you are looking for engaging and fun learning sessions.