The Joy of Learning

We are a top tuition and enrichment centre that believes in holistic constructive engagement. We do this by designing the conditions for joyous learning, from curricula down to classrooms. Guided by nurturing teachers, our young learners lose their fear of making mistakes and learn to appreciate learning for what it is – a joyous process.

And when students love learning, you’ll be surprised at just what they can accomplish.

Join our programmes in our Centre in Toa Payoh or online.

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Why Joyous Learning?


Nurturing Teachers

Our dedicated teachers adept at inspiring excellence in every student. Their extensive expertise and seasoned teaching methods foster a dynamic classroom atmosphere. This environment not only encourages open dialogue and idea exchange but also cultivates an eager, sponge-like absorption of knowledge. They don’t just teach; they unlock each student’s potential, guiding them to discover and harness their strengths.

The ability of our teachers to connect with students is why your child will achieve better results at Joyous Learning.


Rigorous & Engaging Curriculum

Our curriculum transcends traditional rote learning. At the heart of our approach is the cultivation of independent thinking. Recognizing children’s natural curiosity, we craft engaging lessons that spark their innate desire to understand the world. This method fosters a deep, self-driven passion for learning, far beyond mere memorization.

If your children are aiming to achieve A* grades in PSLE or O-Levels, or to secure a place in the Gifted Education Programme, our programmes are the ideal choice. We will help your children reach these prestigious milestones.


Conducive Learning Environment

Our classes are intentionally small, with a maximum of nine students each, guaranteeing that your child receives the individualized attention necessary for their development and growth.

We have carefully designed a welcoming and comfortable learning environment for your child. Our space includes a trust-based mini-library for book borrowing and a well-stocked pantry with refreshments, creating a popular gathering spot for students during breaks.