Can your P6 child solve this 2018 PSLE Science question?

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In Primary School Science, students are not taught resistance or potential difference. They do not learn the formula V=RI and are not expected to make any calculations with respect to current, voltage or resistance.

What they do learn, are these few simple principles:

  • Adding batteries in series to a circuit increases the power (current) in the circuit.
  • Adding bulbs in series to a circuit decreases the brightness of the bulbs (because the current decreases)
  • Adding bulbs in parallel to a circuit does not affect the brightness of the bulbs. (The idea that the potential difference is the same across each bulb is not expounded upon.)

Thus, the thought processes that go into resolving these four circuits should be based on these principles only.

To solve this question, a student has to recall useful knowledge, make critical observations, and compare and analyse the circuits using their imagination and knowledge of ratio.

Watch the video solution below to see how our Science teacher would explain this.

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