Write a composition of at least 150 words about teamwork.

The pictures are provided to help you think about this topic.

Your composition should be based on one or more of these pictures.

2018 psle english composition

Picture A

2018 psle english composition

Picture B

2018 psle english composition

Picture C

Consider the following points when planning your composition:

  • How did the team members work together?
  • What did the team members hope to achieve?

You may use the points in any order and include other relevant points as well.

Guidelines to approaching this composition

According to instruction, the composition has to be about teamwork and make use of at least one of the three pictures.

Of Theme…

Since we do not have any choice with regards to the theme, our immediate task would be to work out which picture(s) we can use to write a story about teamwork.

Of Pictures…

A quick analysis tells us that it would be challenging to use both Picture A and Picture B in the same composition. Computing and cooking are as different as chalk and cheese, and squeezing both types of activity into a short composition is a monumental task, to put it mildly.

The conservative picture combinations (especially under examination conditions) would be

Combo 1: Picture A

Combo 2: Picture B

Combo 3: Picture C

Combo 4: Picture A + C

Combo 5: Picture B + C

Which combo does the greatest damage then…?

If you know something about computing…

Combo 1 or Combo 4

If you know something about cookery…

Combo 2 or Combo 5

If you know nothing about computing or cookery…

Combo 3

It’s important to pick the correct picture(s), because different pictures demand different sets of lexicon. For example, if you choose to use Picture B, your writing will come across as more authentic if you use such words as ‘slice’, ‘dice’, ‘chop’, ‘braise’, ‘fry’, ‘barbecue’, broil’, ‘garnish’, ‘boil’, ‘blanch’, ‘fillet’, ‘marinate’, and so on…

Onto the composition…

Below is a sample response based on Combo 5.

“And your sixty minutes…Starts now!” the emcee announced.

In an instant, the kitchen was a beehive of activity. Participants of the family cooking competition were firing up their stoves, chopping, slicing and dicing meat and vegetables, pounding and blending spices, all at the same time.

The Lee family counter top was cluttered with all manner of local and exotic ingredients. They had everything they needed to make a mean plate of fried rice – except teamwork. Five minutes into the competition, Wendy and Hector were already bickering heatedly over their duties.

“I’m not chopping the onions! They make me tear!” Wendy said, pouting.

“Well, do you think cleaning anchovies is any fun?” Hector retorted. Hands planted on his hips, he was staring daggers at his sister.

Mr Lee had had enough. It was time to put his foot down. “Look,” Mr Lee said, “do you two not want to win the trip to Disneyland?”

The reminder of the prize that was at stake jolted the children to their senses. The siblings realised that there was no chance of completing the task in time if they did not work together as a team. Under Mr Lee’s direction, the sibling picked up their knives and got to work in earnest.

This time, their coordination was flawless. Ingredients chopped and diced by the siblings were tossed into Mr Lee’s sizzling wok. As Mr Lee worked his magic with the spatula, Hector added dashes of seasoning. Wendy assumed the role of taster, giving Hector and Mr Lee feedback on adjustments that the dish needed. As the dish came together, the delicious aroma made their mouths water. While plating, each of them added their own touch to the garnishing.

The final dish of fried rice that was placed in front of the judges was a feast for the eyes and the tongue. Still, it was nerve-wracking for Mr Lee and his children to watch the judges taste their dish. Their poker faces revealed nothing as they went from table to table.

Finally, it was time for the results to be announced. The Lee family held hands and muttered a silent prayer.

“And the winner is…The Lee family!” the emcee announced.

The trio leapt into the air and high-fived each other. As a team, they lifted the gleaming silver trophy up into the air in triumph. Inscribed on it in beautiful cursive were the words “Family Cooking Champions”.

“You know, kids,” Mr Lee started, “this wouldn’t have been possible without-”

Having learnt from the experience, Hector and Wendy completed their father’s sentence for him. “Teamwork!” the siblings chimed in unison.

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