Below is the famous semicircle question that got many P6 students scratching their heads and several parents fuming.

PSLE Maths
The (In) Famous Circle Question

At first look, this question looks bewildering. After some cogitation, however, you’ll find that its complex configuration belies a simple solution.

Challenge your children and let them have a stab at it!

It doesn’t require any advanced formulae and manipulations, just basic addition-subtraction and…perhaps a little imagination.

Moral of the story: Keep calm and keep an open mind when tackling non-routine questions.

In the video solution below, we explore 3 ways in which you can go about dissecting the question. Don’t be lazy now, watch it only after you’ve tried the question yourself!

Here’s Ahsan (P6 student at the time of recording) demonstrating his thought process.

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