Is your Primary 6 child ready for the PSLE English paper?

Try these past year S&T questions (worth 10 marks) on your child and see how many he/she can answer correctly!

Rewrite the given sentence(s) using the word(s) provided. Your answer must be in one sentence. The meaning of your sentence must be the same as the meaning of the given sentence(s).

We have ranked the questions according to their level of difficulty.

PSLE Synthesis & Transformation

(a) Hamid kept quiet as he was too shy to join in the conversation.

Being _______________________________________________.

PSLE Synthesis & Transformation

(b) If you listen hard, you will hear the bird chirping.

________________________ unless ______________________.

PSLE Synthesis & Transformation

(c) Paul asked Amy, “Why did you sing this song?”

Paul wanted to know ____________________________________.

PSLE Synthesis & Transformation

(d) The winner was humble. It moved the viewers.

________________________ the winner’s __________________.

PSLE Synthesis & Transformation

(e) Despite her young age, Malar does not rely on others.

Malar is not __________________________________________.

PSLE Synthesis & Transformation

Check your answers below!

(a) Being too shy to join in the conversation, Hamid kept quiet.

No changes in word forms required.

(b) You won’t hear the birds chirping unless you listen hard.

“will” has to be negated to “won’t” because of the usage of the conjunction “unless”.

(c) Paul wanted to know why Amy had sung that song.

“did… sing” (simple past tense) has to be changed from to “had sung” (past perfect tense)

“you” has to be substituted with “Amy”.

“this” has to be changed to “that”

(d) The viewers were moved by the winner’s humility.

The second sentence is in active voice. This has to be rewritten in passive voice as the first clause in the combined sentence.

The adjective “humble” has to be changed to its noun form “humility”.

(e) Malar is not reliant on others despite her young age.

The verb “rely” has to be changed to its adjective form “reliant”.

How many did you or your child get correct?

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