Based on the possible plots outlined in the previous post, which picture(s) would you choose to base your story on?

Here’s a recap of the composition question.

Write a composition of at least 150 words about something that was lost.

The pictures are provided to help you think about this topic.

Your composition should be based on one or more of these pictures.

PSLE English

Consider the following points when you plan your composition:

  • How did it get lost?
  • Was it found?

You may use the points in any order and include other relevant points as well.

Below is a sample response based on the picture of an unattended handphone on a bench.

PSLE English

“Wait! Slow down, Snoopy!” I cried.

It was Snoopy’s first outing at the park and the excited beagle was exploring his surroundings with great zest. Snoopy was chomping on flowers, sniffing at passers-by and barking at petrified birds. It took all my energy just to keep up with him.


· Setting is established and main characters are introduced

It was only when Snoopy wandered off the footpath to take a leak by a tree that I had a chance to catch my breath. My weary legs were begging for respite, so I headed towards the nearest park bench. As I got near, a metallic object glinting in the sun caught my eye.

A mobile phone!


· Short dramatic sentence

I looked around the deserted park as I picked the phone up to examine it. It was a mint-condition matt black iPhone worth at least $800. The wallpaper showed a picture of a smiling middle-aged lady. The person who had lost the phone must surely be in distress. Just then, Snoopy came bounding back. He yelped at my feet and hopped eagerly on his hind legs to get a look at what was in my hands. I squatted beside Snoopy and showed him my find.


· Vivid description of the thing that was lost

“Well, what do you think?” I asked.

Snoopy sniffed at the phone gingerly. Then, he raised his nose up in the air and snorted in lungfuls of air . He repeated the routine once more – taking a whiff of the phone and sniffing the air around him.

“Woof! Woof!” Snoopy barked. Then he lurched ahead a few metres before stopping abruptly to turn and look at me. Before I could say anything, he barked again and sprang down the footpath like a bullet.


· Rising action

· Snoopy’s inexplicable actions build suspense

“Wait! Slow down, Snoopy!” I cried. Well, here we go again.

This time, Snoopy ran without pause. No longer interested in investigating his surroundings, Snoopy seemed like he was on a mission. I sprinted to keep up with Snoopy. My legs were on the verge of giving out when a jogger came into view. Immediately, Snoopy started barking animatedly and running in circles around the surprised jogger.

“Snoopy, stop!” I yelled, arms flailing wildly.

The jogger stopped in her tracks, charmed by the odd but adorable dog who seemed to have taken an inexplicable interest in her. Snoopy darted back towards me. He leapt and barked, all the while attempting to wrest the iPhone from my hand with his muzzle. As the jogger watched in amusement, it hit me. The smiling face on the phone belonged to the jogger! Snoopy had followed the scent on the phone and tracked the owner down!

“I didn’t even realise I had lost my phone!” the grateful owner gushed after I explained where I had found it. “It must have slipped out of my pocket when I was resting on the bench.”


· Climax

· The reason behind Snoopy’s actions is revealed

· The lost item is returned to the owner

I could not have been prouder of Snoopy. Sure, I could have turned in the phone to the nearest police post and it would have eventually wound up in the owner’s possession anyway. However, that would have taken days, not minutes.

“There’s a pet café ahead. Can I buy your clever dog a treat please?” the lady offered.

Snoopy, as if comprehending the question, yelped and wagged his tail expectantly. I nodded and agreed on Snoopy’s behalf – he certainly deserved a treat for helping the lady recover her lost phone!


· Conclusion: what the protagonist felt about the incident

· Snoopy is rewarded for his initiative

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