Can your P3 child solve these past year GEP Screening Test (1st round, August 2022) Mathematics questions?

Interestingly, there were two variations of the Remainder Problem question – one with a finite series and the other with an infinite series. Having two question variations based on the same concept in a single paper truly tests a candidate’s understanding of the concept. It sets apart the students who truly understand a particular concept from the students who blindly apply methods/formulae.

“Remainder Problem” Question 1

◯◯ △◯◯△◯◯△◯◯△ …

If there are 20 △, how many ◯ are there?

“Remainder Problem” Question 2

++𓋼𓋼𓋼++𓋼𓋼𓋼 … ++𓋼𓋼𓋼++

There are 10 +.

How many 𓋼 are there?

Let him or her have a go at the question before playing the video solution!

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