Based on the possible plots outlined in the previous post, which picture(s) would you choose to base your story on?
Here’s a recap of the composition question.
Write a composition of at least 150 words about a long wait.
The pictures are provided to help you think about this topic.
Your composition should be based on one or more of these pictures.
plse 2022 compo
Consider the following points when you plan your composition:
  • Why was it a long wait?
  • What happened in the end?
You may use the points in any order and include other relevant points as well.
Below is a sample response based on the picture of the sulking girl with a drink.
plse 2022
Leia rapped her fingers on the table impatiently. It had been forty minutes since she had placed her order of chilli crab pasta and her food was nowhere in sight. Even her iced lemon tea had taken a good twenty minutes to make its appearance. Leia sucked on the straw noisily and plonked the glass down vehemently with an all-too-audible thump. She stared daggers at the servers, but they were too busy bustling between tables at the fully-booked restaurant to notice her hostile demeanour.
· Introduction: Setting is established and main character is introduced
· Using ‘show, not tell’ to reveal Leia’s annoyance and impatience
· Explanation provided for the long wait
· Vivid description based on the chosen picture
Leia had initially arrived at Café Crustacean with great excitement and expectation. The eatery’s signature chilli crab pasta had been garnering rave reviews on social media and Leia could not wait to savour it. However, as the minutes ticked by without any sign of her food, Leia’s mood was turning as sour as the lemon tea she was sipping.
· Background information about Leia’s visit to the cafe
· Use of simile that references the chosen picture
After an interminable forty-five minute wait, Leia was on verge of exploding. Gritting her teeth, she clutched her fork and knife so hard her knuckles whitened. She was about to bayonet her utensils on the table to get some attention when a voice piped up from behind her.
· Rising action: The long wait escalates into an intolerable situation
· Use of ‘show, not tell’ to reveal Leia’s anger
· Use of hyperbolic language to show anger (‘bayonet her utensils’)
“We’re so sorry for the long wait, madam. One of our chef’s on MC, which is why we’re slower than usual,” the server explained as she set the steaming plate on the table. “To thank you for your patience, we’ve added a jumbo crab claw to your pasta.”
· Climax: Turning point in the story where the ‘long wait’ gets resolved
· Use of dialogue to break monotony of the narration
Leia’s eyes lit up and her mouth salivated when she saw and smelt the succulent giant crab claw nestled atop the gravy-drenched pasta. The famished Leia attacked her meal with gusto, forking morsels of fresh crab meat and homemade pasta into her wide-open mouth. All her misgivings evaporated the instant the delicious food coated her taste buds.
· Use of ‘five senses’ technique to describe the dish
Leia was glad she had not stomped out of the café out of impatience. Slurping up her pasta blissfully, she thought, “Well, it might’ve been a long wait, but as they say, good things come to those who wait!”
· Conclusion: Explicit reference to the ‘long wait’ and how the protagonist reconciles with it.
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