2023 marks the inaugural batch of Primary 3 Science students who will follow a standardised sequence of topics across all schools in Singapore. In the past, the Science syllabus was divided into a pair of two-year syllabi – “Lower Block” topics (to be covered in Primary 3 and Primary 4) and “Upper Block” topics (to be covered in Primary 5 and Primary 6). Each school could cover the topics within each “Lower Block” and “Upper Block” in any order, so long as they complete all the topics within each block within the stipulated two-year timespan.

As you might imagine, that had caused no end of grief for parents and students, especially for students who underwent school transfers or students who were enrolling for Science enrichment classes. So if you’re looking at purchasing supplemental assessment books or materials in bookstores, take note that “Lower Block” and “Upper Block” refer to the old syllabus (which is still applicable for 2023 P4-P6 students).

Science is the first examinable content-based subject that Primary 3 students will encounter. The other subjects they have been exposed to thus far are skills-based ones such as languages such as English, Mother Tongue, as well as Mathematics.

The topics that Primary 3 students learn form the foundation for the topics that they will learn in Primary 4. For example, they will learn about the Diversity of Living and Non-Living Things and Cycles in Plants and Animals in Primary 3, which forms the foundation for Plant Systems and Human Systems in Primary 4. Therefore, it is imperative that they build a strong foundation in Primary 3 Science, so that they excel in P4-P6 Science.

Primary 3 students will have to deal open-ended questions in Science. In these questions, students will be presented with a scenario and asked to explain particular observations or phenomena. To tackle these questions, students will have to recall the scientific principles they have learnt and formulate precise answers. They will do well to apply the Cause-Effect-Result (CER) framework in order to score full marks. As such, scoring in Primary School Science requires not only a sound understanding of scientific concepts, but also to a certain extent, steady language skills.

2023 P3 Science Syllabus
2023 P3 Science Syllabus
2023 P3 Science Syllabus

Key takeaways

– New syllabus for 2023 Primary 3 students

– “Lower Block” and “Upper Block” syllabi no longer apply

– First examinable content-based subject

– Forms the foundation for Science in Primary 4 and beyond

– Open-ended questions (aka “application questions”)

– Cause-Effect-Result answering framework

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