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A Fright at the Library

An Interactive Adventure with YOU as the hero!

You are at the library to look for a novel. Your beloved English teacher has assigned holiday homework – a book review. Although most of your classmates are buying books off Amazon to read on their Kindle, you have decided to be traditional and borrow an actual book from the library.


As you glance at the unfamiliar names on the shelves, a title stands out. It is “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy. The prospect of reading about heroic soldiers and giant tanks excites you, so you take the surprisingly thick tome off the shelf to browse its pages.


As you do so, a cockroach flies out of the space that the book has vacated and lands on the book. It is big, bigger than your finger, even. Its feelers wave ominously as it crawls towards your hand. You have seen cockroaches before, but not up close. You can even make out the fine little hairs on the insect’s feet, even as one feeler lightly brushes against your finger.


Click here if you think you can deal with the cockroach by yourself.


Click here if you drop the book and look for help.

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