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A Fright at the Library

An Interactive Adventure with YOU as the hero!

Dealing with a cockroach requires some extra assistance, so you drop “War and Peace” and dash off to look for a librarian. You find her at the lift lobby, so you quickly explain the situation to hier.


“A… a cockroach?”


The librarian puts up a brave front and gamely agrees to follow you back. You notice the colour having drained from her face and wonder if, perhaps, she might be more terrified of insects than you are.


As you return to the fallen book, there is no sign of the cockroach. All you can see is a half open copy of “War and Peace” with its pages beckoning to you, and a slightly trembling library by your side.


You could help look for the cockroach, or you could just go home.


Click here if you look for the cockroach.


Click here if you decide to call your mother to fetch you home.

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