Education is the cornerstone of any nation’s progress, and Singapore takes its commitment to nurturing young minds seriously.

As the foundation of this system, primary school education plays an important role in nurturing young minds and setting them on a path towards success. The pursuit of quality education starts early, and parents often seek guidance to select the best primary school for their children.

Besides education quality, parents would have to consider other factors such as the school culture, curricula and distance.

In this article, we will provide details on some excellent institutions based on the primary school ranking in 2023.

Types of Primary Schools in Singapore

Government-aided schools (including autonomous schools)

These are public schools funded by the government. They follow the national curriculum set by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and offer a comprehensive education to students from various backgrounds.

Special Assistance Plan (SAP) Schools

These schools offer a stronger emphasis on the learning of the Chinese language and culture. It is the best primary school for students who are proficient in Chinese and are interested in a more in-depth Chinese education.

Gifted Education Programme (GEP) Schools

A specialised school for intellectually gifted students as they follow an enriched curriculum that challenges and stimulates the students’ abilities.

Top Primary Schools Rankings

Since the MOE does not rank schools publicly, this list is based on the school’s popularity in Phase 2A of the 2022 Primary One (P1) registration exercise.

We advise parents to look at the school’s prior performance and achievements before making the decision for their children.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Primary School

Representation in the Singapore National School Games

Many primary schools take part in the annual National School Games where students compete against their peers in different events and sports, demonstrating their skills at a young age.

In order to develop and nurture a child’s talent in a particular field, it is important to enrol them in schools that routinely participates in these competitions.

Achievements in Singapore Youth Festivals

The Youth Festival Arts Presentation features performances by students from numerous schools each year. Choose a school that does particularly well at this event if your child aspires to explore opportunities in the arts.

Here are some of the top primary schools that have performed well at the SYF:

  • Clementi Primary School

  • Nanyang Primary School

  • North View Primary School

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) encourage your child to acquire new skills and develop important character traits like perseverance and teamwork, moulding them into strong individuals. Try to gauge your child’s passions; this can help you shortlist schools that offer CCAs in the niches they prefer.

Moreover, your child’s Direct School Admission (DSA) application may benefit from participation in after-school clubs and activities.

Affiliation with Secondary Schools

For those unaware, many of Singapore’s best secondary schools have primary school affiliates. This benefits your child in two major ways:

  • It ensures that your child will receive a consistent, high-quality education from primary school to secondary school.

  • Some secondary schools in Singapore have very rigorous admissions processes; joining affiliated primary schools can get your child priority in admission and lower their entry requirements.

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