A Fright at the Library

An Interactive Adventure with YOU as the hero!

You look for the cockroach. As you take each book out in turn, you hear the librarian do the same behind you. She is visibly trembling as she attempts to find the cockroach as well, but being a responsible adult, she knows she must set a good example for you.


“Is it a big cockroach?”


You nod. She nods in reply, gulps, then faints in fright. Although her face is not quite as white as a sheet, it is pale, a sort of light concrete grey.


Then out of the corner of your eye, you see it – your nemesis, the cockroach. Another librarian is nearby, and he would definitely spot the fainted librarian if you confront the cockroach.


Is helping someone or revenge more important to you?

Click here if you help the fainted librarian.


Click here if go after the cockroach.

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