Post-PSLE Bridging to Sec 1

Science Enrichment

Module 1 ~ Made of Atoms

When students understand that all matter is made up of atoms and their sub-atomic constituents, they’ll be able to understand why heat travels from a hotter to colder place, what electricity actually is, and how magnetism arises.


Students will perform experiments on Brownian motion, heat conduction and build a static electricity dancing ball toy, and more!

Module 2 ~ Molecules in Motion

Why do our fingers get wrinkly when we soak ourselves in water for too long? How can you smell a durian from across the street? To answer these questions, we introduce the ideas of diffusion and osmosis and relate it back to molecular theory.


To see diffusion and osmosis in action, students will be playing food-guessing games using their sense of smell and soaking a potato in brine to see what happens.

Module 3 ~ Light Up My Life

In Primary School, students learn that light travels in straight lines. Well, that’s true – almost, because light can be bent! By introducing the concept of refraction, students will understand why the spoon looks funny in a cup of water and how rainbows are actually produced.


Besides mind-bending hands-on experiments involving reflection and refraction, students will also get to build and take home their very own spectroscope!

Module 4 ~ Electrify Me

Students have learnt about parallel connection of bulbs, but what about parallel connection of batteries? We’ll give students some bulbs, wires, batteries and ask them to tell us the answers.


Students will learn about current, voltage, resistance and even build and take home their very own mini fan at the end of the lesson.

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