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What Parents and Students Say About Joyous Learning

Does your heart sink when you see your child’s composition grades? Are you worried your child’s writing lacks the spark to propel them to academic success?

Welcome to our premier Creative Writing classes, tailor-made for primary and secondary students in Singapore.

We understand your concerns. We feel your child’s frustrations. Crafting an engaging composition goes beyond grammar rules; creative writing is part science and part art.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see your child gain mastery of various writing techniques? To see them write compositions with a flair that impresses teachers and peers alike?

Your child’s potential is already there; it’s just waiting to be unleashed.

So, take the leap with Joyous Learning today!

Start your child on the path to becoming a master storyteller by enrolling them in our Thinking Writer English composition programme.

Why do your child’s English grades suffer when it comes to composition writing?

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Lack of safe & encouraging learning environments

Traditional classrooms can often be intimidating, inhibiting students from asking questions, seeking help, and expressing their thoughts freely.

They stifle students’ confidence and lower their self-esteem, ultimately hindering their progress in various areas of language usage, from verbal to written communication. This might cause your child to rely on rote memorisation to answer composition questions instead of producing a convincing piece from their heart.


Inability to craft coherent and relevant plots to gain marks during exams

Are exams a source of dread for your child? Does the inability to structure their stories cost them precious marks? We’ve got the answer to that.

Our programme focuses on teaching students storytelling techniques, including how to analyse, interpret and respond to question and picture prompts strategically. With our guidance, your child will learn to frame answers that resonate with examiners, maximising their scoring potential.

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Weak foundation in English language skills

A weak foundation in English can cause a domino effect—struggles with grammar and language use can lead to poor composition scores, which in turn impacts their overall English score.

At our tuition centre, we aim to strengthen this very foundation. Our course will empower your child to wield their writing pen with confidence and flair. Transform struggle into success and give them the power to express themselves with ease and competence.

Our Joyous Learning Process


Highly qualified tutors with a variety of experience

Our school is committed to providing high-quality English classes to build a strong foundation in language and composition writing to support our students’ academic goals.

As one of Singapore’s best English tuition centres, we have a team of passionate teachers across diverse professional fields with a wealth of teaching experience in schools and tuition centres alike.​


Small class size

With a maximum of just 9 students per class, your child will experience a level of unmatched individualised attention and interaction with our highly experienced teachers.

We assess your child’s specific needs, helping students progress in areas requiring extra support and fostering their natural talents.


A Unique approach to the English language syllabus

Our top-quality curriculum for composition writing aligns with the latest MOE syllabus in the areas of continuous writing, comprehension, and language use to help students develop the critical thinking skills needed to ace national English examinations.

Featuring engaging tasks that foster imagination and creativity, we aim to bring joy back to learning while also honing students’ ability to express themselves fluently in writing.

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Supportive and nurturing learning environments

Our tutors are genuinely passionate about creating a nurturing environment to develop our student’s confidence so they feel comfortable asking questions and seeking help.

We believe that when students feel valued and comfortable, they can truly flourish and unleash their true potential and creativity in writing.


Supplemental online English support

With our supplemental English online tuition classes, your child’s educational journey remains uninterrupted and vibrant, even on days when they don’t have English tuition classes.

Your child will have access to a vast library of resources tailored to their learning needs, enabling them to fill any knowledge gaps, strengthen their foundation, and excel academically.


Proven track record

Utilising results-driven strategies that have stood the test of time, our English tuition centre equips students with not just knowledge but also essential exam skills and answering techniques.

Over the years, we have consistently guided students towards exceptional performance in their English examinations, whether it’s their school papers or the PSLE English paper.

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The Thinking Writer composition writing classes are geared towards:

Creative Writing (PSLE format)

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Unleash your child’s potential with Joyous Learning’s holistic and student-centric pedagogy!

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What your child gets with our composition writing classes:

Boost your child’s ability to confidently express their thoughts and ideas through discussions, fostering effective communication skills.

Enhance your child’s ability to write compelling stories with our unique and interactive curriculum.
Strengthen your child’s foundation in English language skills, increasing their fluency and confidence in English.
Tailored learning strategies that cater to the specific needs of each student, providing personalised attention that takes your child’s learning to the next level.

Access to online classes and supplemental tools to reinforce and extend learning beyond the classroom, ensuring consistent progress in your child’s English journey.

Your child’s journey to English mastery begins here. Sign them up for a free trial class today and watch your child transform into a confident, articulate, and expressive writer ready to conquer any writing challenge that comes their way!

Check Out Our Primary and Secondary School English Tuition Programmes

Primary School English Tuition

As a medium of instruction for all other subjects and an essential tool for effective communication in everyday life, English plays a crucial role in shaping students’ academic and professional futures.

Our institution’s teaching methods go beyond using the language as it is used in the traditional classroom setting. Instead, we teach students how to use English effectively in different academic and everyday contexts.

Ready to experience the Joyous Learning difference? Download our programme booklet for a detailed course outline.

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Secondary School English Tuition

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Our dedicated Secondary School English Specialists have meticulously curated a comprehensive curriculum to equip secondary school students with the critical skills necessary to excel in English.

Through our program, students will receive expert guidance in analysing various text types, mastering the art of structuring and writing expository essays, and developing effective summarisation techniques.

Open the doors to academic excellence with our Specialist English Teachers and thoughtfully crafted coursework. This multi-disciplinary approach means that:

Students will undergo rigorous training in the language arts, which encompasses grammar, semantics, oral, writing and more, by our team of highly qualified secondary-level English Specialists and MOE English language graduate teachers.

Students are introduced to the richness of culture, current affairs, and the humanities, fostering a learning journey that fuels their curiosity and active participation in the classroom.

Begin by downloading our programme booklet for detailed coursework and fees today!