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Double Bill GEP ERP Book
Complimentary Movie Screening with Analysis & Commentary

for P4 & P5 GEP students in 2023 (P6 GEPers are welcome)

The Wind in the Willows 

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow 

wind in the willows
legend of sleepy hollow

Both classic novels were adapted into a groundbreaking animated musical by Disney in 1959 - The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad. 


This double bill recounts the amusing adventures of Mr Toad of Toad Hall in the first half (The Wind in the Willows), and depicts the intrigue and suspense of Sleepy Hollow in a kid-friendly format (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow). Experience the adventures of both books in just one film! 

Seasoned film critic (Yahoo, Rice Media) and GEP alumnus Marcus Goh will be conducting a commentary and discussions of key scenes in the movie. There will be analyses on key themes and main characters for selected scenes in the film. This workshop will help students better understand and appreciate the story, which will greatly aid them in their ERP task.

Venue: Joyous Learning centre

Date: 27 Nov, Sunday

Time: 11am-12.15pm


For P4 & P5 GEP students in 2023 (P6 GEPers are welcome)

Bring your own snacks to enjoy during the movie!

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Programmes for P4-P6 GEP students

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