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2021 GEP Selection Test

Final 4 Weekly Revision Class

Looking to give your child a final boost before the GEP Selection Test on 22-26 November?

Enrol in the final 4 lessons of our regular weekly GEP prep class! Gain exposure to the GEP test format and learn strategies to tackle commonly asked questions for the English, Mathematics and General Ability papers

These final lessons are conducted in weekly 3-hour sessions spread over 4 weeks. The steady pace and consistent revision will give your child adequate time to consolidate and assimilate the key concepts and skills required to ace the GEP Selection Test.

This class is open to all students (including students who have just attended the GEP Selection Test Intensive Preparation workshop).

​Time slots

Choose from one of the timings below

Hybrid Classes (On-site or Zoom)

Limited to 9 Students per class

Fee: $596


Available Class Timings

Class Wed PM

Wednesdays 3.30pm - 6.45pm

start date: 27 Oct

end date: 17 Nov


Fridays 3.30pm - 6.45pm

start date: 29 Oct

end date: 19 Nov

Class Sat AM

Saturdays 9am - 12.15pm

start date: 30 Oct

end date: 20 Nov

Class Sat PM

Saturdays 1pm - 4.15pm

start date: 30 Oct

end date: 20 Nov


Sundays 9am - 12.15 pm

start date: 31 Oct

end date: 21 Nov


Learn why discerning parents choose Joyous Learning when it comes to preparing their children for the GEP Selection Test.

Is your child ready for the GEP Selection Test?

Get him or her to try out these actual past year questions to find out!  

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