GEP Trial Class

for p2 students in 2021 going on to p3 in 2022

Looking to give your child robust preparation for the 2022 GEP Screening and Selection Tests? 

Our year-long P3 Giftedness Enhancement Programme will equip your child with the knowledge and skills he or she will need to gain admission into the Gifted Education Programme.


Find out how we inculcate good learning habits and how we hone your child's analytical skills in our GEP prep programme. Sign for a trial class today.

On-site @ Joyous Learning Centre

Limited to 8 Students per class

Trial Class Fee: $80 (Usual Price: $149)

Class A: 31 Oct (Sun), 2pm - 5.15pm

Class B: 2 Nov (Tue), 3.30pm - 6.45pm 

Class C: 7 Nov (Sun), 2pm - 5.15pm

Class D: 30 Nov (Tues), 10am - 1.15pm

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Learn why discerning parents choose Joyous Learning when it comes to preparing their children for the GEP Selection Test.

Is your child ready for the GEP Selection Test?

Get him or her to try out these actual past year questions to find out!