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Giftedness Enhancement Programme for P3 students aspiring to enter the GEP

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What is the Gifted Education Programme (GEP)?

The GEP is a programme that caters for the needs of intellectually gifted students. Students are identified for the GEP by the Ministry of Education through a 2-stage exercise in Primary 3. Selected students will be invited to join the programme, which begins in Primary 4 and ends in Primary 6. The enriched GEP curriculum covers the same content areas as those in the mainstream, but is extended in breadth and depth.

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How do I prepare my child for the GEP Identification Exercise?

Edison tried thousands of times before perfecting his light bulb. Einstein spent years refining his General Theory of Relativity. Michael Jordan is well known for being the first to get to the gym and the last to leave.

Giftedness, by definition, refers to exceptional talent or natural ability. Yet, the geniuses we see around us are often a product of nature and nurture. This programme will bring out the full intellectual potential in students by exposing them to specially designed English, Mathematics and General Ability (Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning) curriculum in preparation for the GEP Screening & GEP Selection Tests.

In this weekly 3-hour programme, we engage students with a wide variety of non-routine Mathematics problems, and accelerate their intellectual growth by building up their general knowledge through specially curated English comprehension and cloze exercises. ​What’s more, we’ll sharpen students’ IQ by exposing them to fun and stimulating General Ability questions.


This programme is developed by Mr Adrian Kuek, the pioneer of GEP Screening & Selection Test preparation programmes. Read his bio here.​

Adrian being interviewed by Steven Chia on Channel 5’s Talking Point about GEP


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