Maths Revision Clues

A. Constant Sum Clues

Question 1

How many marbles does Sue have now? (after)

How many marbles did Sue lose? 

How many marbles did Sue have at first? (before) 


Question 2

How much heavier is Harry's load now? (after)

How much lighter was Harry's load? (before)

What is the change in Harry's load? 

Question 3

A transfer of 1 unit results in a difference of 2 units.

Therefore, a transfer of ___ units will result in a difference of 40 units.

A transfer of ____ units will also result in a difference of 10 units.


Question 4

Who has more money now, Jackie or Andy? (after)

How much more money? 

B. Constant Difference Clues

Question 1

How many laps did they seem in total at first? (bef0re)

If each boy saw an extra 5 laps, how many laps did they swim in total?


Question 2

How much money does Jerry have now? (after)

How much money do they have altogether now? (after)

Question 3

At first, Bean had 1 unit and Sean had ___ units. (before)

Later, Bean had ___ unit and Sean had 3 units. (after)


Question 4

At first, Chris has 4 units and Rock has ____ unit. (before)

Now, Chris has 6 units and Rock has ____ units. (after)

C. Increasing/Decreasing Amounts, Borrowing, and Comparison Clues

Question 1

Who caught the most mice? 

Who caught the least mice?


Question 2

Which was his best subject? 

His English score is 2 units and his Maths score is ____ units.

Question 3

Compare the first two sentences.

Which animal is missing in the second sentence?

How much lighter is the second sentence?


Question 4

Compare the two sentences. 

Which sentence has more candy floss? How many more bags?

Which sentence has more chocolate? How many more bars?

What is the difference in cost for the two sentences?

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