In the recent years, the local education system has been shifting towards more progressive models that emphasise less on academics and grades, with the hope of reducing some of the stress that many kids in Singapore face.

The academic route for Direct School Admissions has been abolished in favour of talent-based routes, mid-years examinations for particular primary and secondary school levels are being taken out, PSLE grading is changing from a point-based system to a broader score band system; the list goes on…

If things work out as planned, kids will feel less stressed. Less stress means happier kids.

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Mindful teachers know that it doesn’t take a lot to make primary school kids happy. Some crack jokes, some give them treats for good behaviour, but really, it’s as simple as treating them like you would your own children.

Here’s how teachers do it @ Joyous Learning:

  • Show them you genuinely care for them
  • Treat them with respect
  • Give them a degree of autonomy
  • Exude positive energy
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Besides being good for overall physical and mental well-being, scientists have pointed out that there is a high degree of correlation between happiness and higher grades – being happy translates into better learning and better results! In fact, this is not a one-way street. Studies have also shown that the process of learning actually makes one happy.

At Joyous Learning, we take pride in the fact that our teachers are not only Subject Matter Experts, but also educators who are able to positively and constructively engage, stimulate and nurture their young charges. More than just teaching, our mission is to set in motion the virtuous cycle of happiness and learning!

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