Ever found yourself wondering how to give your child that extra academic edge, especially when exams are just around the corner?

It’s a question many Singaporean parents grapple with. The solution? The right tuition centre.

But with an array of tuition centres in Singapore vying for your attention, how do you select the best one?

Don’t worry, Joyous Learning has got you covered with this guide!

Why Tuition Centres Matter

Pick the right tuition centre

Singapore’s rigorous education system means more students might find themselves in need of extra assistance.

For primary and secondary students (and even junior college students), the pressure is ever-mounting.

Enter tuition centres, the lifeline for many students. But, as you might have guessed, not all are created equal.

So, what sets apart the good from the mediocre? Here are several factors to consider when picking a tuition centre.

Essential Criteria for Selecting the Right Tuition Centres in Singapore

Singapore has seen a surge in tuition centres, a response to the demanding exams and rigorous education system that challenge many students.

While several centres tout themselves as the top choice, it prompts the question:
What should you really be considering when selecting a tuition centre in Singapore?


Trust our tutors

Would you trust someone without a resume to tutor your child?

The credibility of tuition centres hinges on the qualifications and experience of their tutors; look for those with MOE-trained school teachers in their ranks – it’s usually a good sign.

If a teacher is not MOE-trained, request the teacher’s profile so you can ascertain if the teacher has the right experience and skills to conduct classes.

Checking out online reviews on platforms like Google can also offer insights.

They should be easy to find and are often proudly displayed on tuition centres’ websites. If you can’t find credible testimonials, it’s usually a red flag.

Qualifications and Expertise of Tutors

Qualifications and Expertise of Tutors

The calibre of tutors can make or break the tuition experience, ultimately influencing your child’s academic journey.

Years of teaching experience can be a valuable asset, especially if the tutor has worked in different educational settings such as schools, colleges, or other tuition centres.

For example, our teachers at Joyous Learning have diverse expertise in various education specialities, such as GEP Screening & Selection Test Preparation, curriculum planning, and educational publishing.

Moreover, our tutors have decades of teaching experience in enrichment centres and as MOE teachers.

Having experienced teachers provides the centre with an intimate understanding of how the local education landscape works, including the syllabus, exam formats, and grading criteria.

Class Size

Class size matters

In Singapore primary schools, a typical class accommodates around 40 students. That’s a big number, especially with only one teacher juggling the whole class.

This means that your child probably won’t get the attention they need.

Joyous Learning understands this dilemma. We believe in small group tuition classes to ensure every child gets the attention they deserve. This allows our teachers to effectively identify and target their learning gaps with personalised lessons.

More attention often equates to better understanding and, consequently, better results.

Curriculum and Teaching Methodology

Curriculum and Teaching Methodology

The curriculum and teaching methodology employed by a tuition centre should supplement what your child is learning in school by enriching their academic experience in a meaningful way.

Check with the centre if their syllabus and pedagogy are aligned with the MOE (Ministry of Education) guidelines and how they adapt to individual learning styles. The teaching methods should be flexible enough to accommodate these individual needs to offer a more personalised approach to education.

At Joyous Learning, your child will have access to a vast library of resources tailored to their learning needs in a more engaging and effective way, enabling them to excel academically.

Specialised Programmes

Specialised Programmes

If your child is aiming to join the Gifted Education Programme (GEP), their academic needs will be more specialised. Several tuition centres offer GEP-specific curricula tailored to challenge gifted primary school students.

These programmes usually involve more complex problem-solving tasks and encourage critical and lateral thinking.

Meanwhile, your child may need help only in certain aspects of a particular subject. Perhaps they have a good grasp of grammar and comprehension but require targeted coaching in continuous writing.

In such an instance, you should look for creative writing classes that hone your child’s ability to weave ideas into a creative, coherent and engaging story.

Assessment and Feedback

We are up to date with technology

A quality curriculum is incomplete without regular assessments and constructive feedback.

Look for tuition centres that not only conduct frequent tests but also offer in-depth feedback to help your child understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

At Joyous Learning, we provide regular feedback to students and tailor their lessons accordingly to focus on their weak spots. Our tutors are genuinely passionate about creating a nurturing environment so students feel comfortable asking questions and seeking help.

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Selecting the right tuition centre in Singapore can be a monumental decision, affecting both primary and secondary school students alike.

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