9 out of 10 PSLE candidates will answer at least one of the questions below incorrectly.
Choose the right word in the parentheses for each set of statements.
Set 1
Mother and sister are laying the table. I (lie/lay) on the couch, agonising over whether I should lie and tell my family that my goose lays golden eggs.
Set 2
Mother and my younger siblings (laid/layed) the table. I, as usual, (lay/laid/lied) on the couch. “My goose lays golden eggs,” I lied for no reason.
Set 3
I had (lied/lain/laid/layed) on this couch all my life, but tonight, it felt uncomfortable. Perhaps, the discomfort came from my having lied about my goose laying golden eggs. My mother and sister look up; the table has been (layed/lied/laid).
Know your verb forms once and for all!

Meaning: to lie in a horizontal position
Present form ~ lie
Past form ~ lay
Past participle form ~ lain

Meaning: to make a false statement
Present form ~ lie
Past form ~ lied
Past participle form ~ lied

Meaning: to put (something) down gently / set in position for use
Present form ~ lay
Past form ~ laid
Past participle form ~ laid
Layed’, by the way, doesn’t exist!

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