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Lost in Sentosa

An Interactive Adventure with YOU as the hero!

Image Credit: Pinterest

The exams are over, and your school organised a wonderful trip to Sentosa. Although you were certain you would not enjoy a hot day outdoors, the excursion was much better than you expected. The weather was glorious, crocodile-watching was fascinating, the ponies were adorable and you even bought several souvenirs for your family members at the gift shop!


You had some trouble with the toilet lock, and you stopped to help a toddler maintain decent levels of hygiene through thorough hand washing. Unfortunately, you spent a little too long in the toilet, and your classmates were gone by the time you left the loo. As you look up at the setting sun, you remember your teacher saying that the bus would depart at sunset.


Since you left your mobile phone on the bus, you have to get to the bus bay before dusk. You recall the bus bay is at the entrance to Sentosa.

Click here if you retrace your steps to the bus bay yourself.


Click here if you look for a map instead.

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