Do you encounter the challenge of keeping the little ones meaningfully occupied on the coach or the train during vacations? Fret no more. Your little ones can now put that iPad to better use than watching YouTube videos.

In the last article, we discussed roping in your children for pre-vacation planning and budgeting (if you haven’t read it, click here to catch up). Most free-and-easy travellers are already used to the routine of setting aside various budgets for food, admission tickets, souvenirs, so why not let your kids take over as Treasurers for your next vacation?

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Entrust them to task of recording the daily expenditures in an itemised manner. Tell them to sound the alert when the family is in danger of bursting the budget for, say, souvenirs. It’s a great way to inculcate financial prudence and a sense of accountability in dollars and cents! Kids like to be entrusted with adult responsibilities, so this assignment will give them a sense of responsibility.

This bookkeeping can be done in either a nifty notebook or an Excel sheet on the iPad (as an incentive, tell them they’ll be allowed their daily dosage of YouTube videos only after they’re done with logging in the expenditures).

Mental Forex

They could also work out the equivalent price in Singapore Dollars of each item in their records. This will provide them with some mental workouts en route to the next sightseeing spot. Mental arithmetic aside, this exercise also helps them develop a sense of value of things at home and abroad.

Currencies Around The World

Below is an extract from a Joyous Learning maths worksheet on Decimals. Do note that the exchange rates are tweaked to provide appropriate scaffolding to students in their currency conversions. The countries selected for this activity include our neighbours as well as other popular vacation destinations. Through this activity, students learn not only the currency names of of those countries but also some of their popular traditional dishes!

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