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Does your child struggle with this compulsory subject and never seem to improve no matter how much he or she practises?

Do you worry about them struggling in school and falling behind their peers?

Mathematics is not just another subject—it’s a gateway to countless future opportunities.

It’s the language of problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, and the basis of secondary school subjects such as Physics and Chemistry.

A solid understanding of math opens doors to exciting careers, higher education prospects, and a world of possibilities.

Every child needs to build a strong mathematical foundation from the very beginning, to set him or her up for success in their academic journey and beyond.

That’s why we’re here—to provide the support and guidance your child needs to excel in Mathematics.

By enrolling your child in Joyous Learning, you’re investing in their future.

Take the first step towards building a solid foundation for their success.

Why do students struggle with Math?

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Lack of safe & encouraging learning environments

For most Math students, the journey of learning math can be daunting and overwhelming. One of the major struggles they face is the lack of safe and encouraging learning environments.

Traditional classrooms can sometimes be intimidating, where the fear of making mistakes or embarrassing themselves in front of their peers hinders students’ learning process, affecting their ability to ask questions or seek help when they need it the most.

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Limited individualised attention during school lessons

In today’s fast-paced educational system, one of the common struggles students face is the limited individualised attention they receive during school lessons.

With large class sizes and time constraints, it is an uphill task for school teachers to cater to the unique learning needs of each student.

This lack of personalised attention can leave Math students feeling lost and unsupported, especially when grasping complex math concepts.

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Inability to apply mathematical concepts to higher-order thinking questions

Many students can grasp elementary Mathematics operations but struggle with problem-solving, critical thinking, and analysing complex mathematical scenarios.

This prevents them from fully understanding the practical applications of math and limits their ability to excel in exams and future endeavours.

Our tuition classes aim to challenge students, going beyond rote learning to instil higher-order thinking skills in students to prepare them for their academic journey at secondary and tertiary levels.

Our Joyous Learning Process


Highly qualified tutors with a variety of experience

Our expert Maths tutors are not only passionate about teaching, but they also understand the unique challenges that young learners face.

Our school is committed to providing high-quality tuition and enrichment programmes to support the achievement of the academic goals of our students.

In order to achieve that, we employ innovative teaching methods and interactive approaches to bring joy back to learning math.


Supportive and nurturing learning environments

Our Math teachers are genuinely passionate about creating a nurturing environment where all our students feel comfortable asking questions and seeking help.

We believe that when students feel valued and comfortable, they can truly flourish and unleash their true potential.


Proven track record

Utilising results-driven strategies that have stood the test of time, Joyous Learning equips students with not just knowledge but also essential exam skills.

Over the years, we have consistently guided primary school students towards exceptional Math grades.


Innovative teaching methods for academic excellence

Our curated curriculum for teaching Maths is aligned with the latest MOE syllabus to help students develop the critical thinking skills needed to ace national and school examinations.

We infuse real-life scenarios with problem sums to demonstrate the practical applications of mathematics.

To inculcate the interest and love for mathematics in our students, our curriculum goes beyond the school syllabus in presenting fascinating advanced mathematical concepts that build upon what students learn in school.


Small class size

With a maximum of just 9 students per Math tutor, your child will experience a level of unmatched individualised attention and interaction with our highly experienced teachers.

We assess your children’s specific needs, foster their natural talents and help them achieve progress in areas they require extra support.

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Master Math concepts early and pave the way for academic success with Joyous Learning’s student-centric approaches!

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What your child gets when you sign up for our Maths programmes:

A strong mathematical foundation based on our comprehensive curriculum that empowers him or her to excel in this essential subject.

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills that enable your child to tackle complex mathematical problems and apply concepts to real-world situations.

Confidence in math through our supportive and encouraging learning environment that fosters a positive mindset for the subject and readies them to be excellent secondary school students.
Personalised attention and individualised learning strategies that cater to your child’s specific strengths and weaknesses to ensure maximum progress and growth.