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Mental Speed Maths Module 1 (Trachtenberg System Level Ninja)

The Trachtenberg Speed System is a system of mental calculation. An alternative way of learning maths, the system consists of many maths shortcuts and mental math tricks, particularly for multiplication.


Known to be one of the fastest speed math systems, it comprises a number of easily memorised patterns that allow one to perform arithmetic computations without pen and paper. The system primarily focuses on multiplication tricks but with further practice and study you can learn division, addition, subtraction and square root.


Focus areas

  • Algorithms for multiplication of non-single digit numbers by 4 all the way up to 12

  • Mini speed competition

  • Proficiency test certification

Click to watch video on Trachtenberg Speed Maths System

​P3-P5 students

17-19 June 2019 (Mon-Wed) 

1 pm to 3 pm ​


Mental Speed Maths Module 2 (Trachtenberg System Level Sensei)

Done with Module 1? Then take your mental arithmetic proficiency to the next level by mastering a new set of algorithms to tackle more challenging calculations. Discover how you can turn your brain into an organic calculator!

Although Module 1 is not a prerequisite for Module 2 as the algorithms taught in both modules are independent, it is recommended that students enrol Module 1 prior to enrolling in Module 2 as the exercises in Module 2 are more complex and rigorous


Focus areas

  • Algorithms for speed multiplication of double-digit numbers

  • Mini speed competition

  • Proficiency test certification


Click to watch video on Trachtenberg Speed Maths System

​P3-P5 students

24-26 June 2019 (Mon-Wed) 

1.30 pm to 3.30 pm ​


Hip Hip Heuristics ~ Challenging PSLE Maths Questions

Heuristics questions are arguably the toughest section of the PSLE Maths paper. In schools, Heuristics is typically taught progressively over Primary 4 to 6. Learn all the different methods to solve Heuristics questions once and for all and transform the non-routine into routine in this intensive 6-hour programme. Hands-on activity fun included! 

​Focus areas

  • Making suppositions

  • Use before-after concept

  • Use a model

  • Act it out

  • Work backwards

  • Look for patterns

P4-P5 students

13-14 June 2019 (Thu-Fri) 

2 pm to 5 pm ​

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