In the previous post, we shared about the true importance of the Lunar New Year and how to get your children to reflect on its importance.

As you may have noticed, those questions are written in the PSLE and O-Level composition styles. It’s no coincidence, as those prompts were meant to familiarise students with the question format for these watershed examinations.

Our MOE English Specialist teachers have written two model compositions for your children to read based on the questions that we shared. What better time for your children to read them than during this extended holiday season! Your children will be better able to appreciate and relate to the topic while they are soaking up the New Year festivities. We hope that these will stimulate insightful discussions among you and your children about the significance of Lunar New Year and strengthen family bonds.

Model Compositions

Click on the links below for the model compositions for the respective levels.

Share them with your child and here’s wishing you and your child a Joyous Lunar New Year!

PSLE Model Composition: Reunion

O-Level Model Composition: Family Gatherings and Video Conferencing

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Click on the links for the relevant timetables:





www.joyouslearning.com.sg/lower-sec-timetable www.joyouslearning.com.sg/upper-sec-timetable

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