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Get the same high-quality education from the comforts of home with our online tutoring classes!

Are you looking for a convenient and effective way to give your primary school kids the edge they need to excel in the Gifted Education Programme (GEP), Primary English & Maths, as well as Secondary English?

Imagine if you could unlock their full potential without rushing to tuition centres or juggling schedules.

Introducing our seamless online classes for primary and secondary level students—designed for busy parents like you who want the best for their children.

We understand the frustrations of trying to find the perfect balance between your child’s education and your everyday commitments.

Embrace the convenience of accessing top quality online tuition for GEP prep, Primary English & Maths and Secondary English with just a few clicks.

Join our online classes today and unleash your children’s extraordinary potential.

Why our online tuition service might be more suitable for your child instead of physical lessons:

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Unmatched convenience

Say goodbye to the hassle of commuting to a physical tuition centre and rigid schedules. Online tuition puts your family’s time and budget back in your hands.

With our online tuition platform, your child can learn from the comfort of home, saving precious time and energy.

No more rushing or sacrificing other priorities – convenience is just a click away!

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Experienced online tutors right at your fingertips

Our online tuition classes connect your child with our best online tutors. Gain access to experienced professionals regardless of geographical limitations.

Just like face-to-face tuition, online students will receive personalised instruction and guidance that propels academic journey forward.

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Interactive engagement with extensive technological resources

Engage your child like never before through our interactive classroom.

Each online tutor utilises various digital resources, including virtual whiteboards, stimulating quizzes and educational websites, to make every session exciting and impactful.

This promotes active participation and comprehensive understanding, empowering your child to excel academically.

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Recorded sessions for unlimited replays

Whether your child wants to review a challenging concept, reinforce their understanding, or catch up on a missed class, they have the freedom to access the recordings on our online platform at their convenience.

This invaluable resource ensures continuous learning and mastery of key topics, empowering your child to grasp concepts thoroughly and excel in their studies.

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Prioritize your child's safety and well-being

Online tuition provides a controlled and secure learning environment. You have complete peace of mind, knowing that your child is engaging with trusted tutors and classmates in a supervised virtual space.

Moreover, our online tuition platforms prioritize safety measures, employing secure login systems and strict data protection protocols to safeguard your child’s privacy.

Our Joyous Learning Process


Highly qualified tutors with a variety of experience

As one of the best tuition centres in Singapore, our academic team comprises passionate teachers who have a wealth of teaching experience in schools and tuition centres alike.

Proven track record

Over the years, we have consistently guided students towards exceptional performance in English and Mathematics for PSLE and school examinations.
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Supportive and nurturing learning environments

Our tutors are genuinely passionate about creating a nurturing environment to develop our students confidence so they feel comfortable asking questions and seeking help.

Besides being able to learn at the comforts of their own home, free from distractions, an online classes provide a safe learning environment.


Rigorous and Engaging Curriculum

Our rigorous and yet engaging curriculum nurtures independent thinkers and taps into the inherent inquisitiveness of children and teenagers to ignite a self-sustaining passion for learning.

Small class size

With a maximum of just 9 students per class, your child will experience a level of unmatched individualised attention and interaction with our highly experienced teachers.

We assess your children’s specific needs, foster their natural talents and help them achieve progress in areas where they require extra support.


Equal outcomes as physical lessons

Rest assured that our dedicated tutors go above and beyond to ensure that online students achieve the same exceptional learning outcomes as their counterparts in physical classes.

We understand the importance of providing an enriching and effective educational experience, regardless of the mode of instruction.

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Exceptional learning anywhere, anytime: Achieve academic success with Joyous Learning’s online tuition in Singapore!

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What your child gets when you sign up for our online tuition:

A holistic curriculum that challenges and inspires, nurturing their intellectual growth and paving the way for academic success.
A deep understanding of advanced concepts, critical thinking abilities, and analytical reasoning—all essential for excelling in today’s educational landscape.
An in-depth proficiency in important concepts in English, Maths, and Creative Writing.
Personalised attention and detailed guidance tailored to your child’s learning needs.
Gain the self-belief and resilience necessary to tackle challenges and embrace their unique talents.
Access to a wealth of supplemental online resources to enhance their GEP progress and support their continuous learning.
Comprehensive progress monitoring to identify areas for improvement and provide targeted feedback over our interactive learning platform.