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Bringing Joy Back To Learning

The education system in Singapore is arguably one of the most rigorous in the world. Students (and parents!) are stressed out by quantity and difficulty of the material they have to master.

While we acknowledge that rigour is important and that there is no easy way for students to go about this, we believe the process makes all the difference. Yes, learning new things is always tough, but in the hands of the right teacher, learning is an enjoyable process!

So, that's the mission we've given ourselves: to bring joy back to learning.

Joyous Learning is made up of a group of like-minded and capable educators who care about the overall well-being and development of our young charges. We believe that happy and motivated students learn better, which eventually translates into better results. Designing and delivering lessons that creatively engage students requires more a lot more effort and energy than administering standard drills, but it's all worth it. Our students' results and their parents tell us so!

joy of learning

Well deserved full star rating.

My girl attended the Nov school holiday writing class for P3 which is a 4 days program.
The marked worksheets of dd's compo were with constructive feedback. I had a discussion with the teacher and she pinpointed dd's weak areas. The framework of this program is favourable for us. Thank you Mrs Ang!
Dd also enjoyed the one day Science holiday class. The approach for the answering technique is a great input. Will refer again once the term starts for 2019.
Had been following J.L. on Facebook before this program, and will continue to keep in touch with the programs offered.

- Jass C

We picked Joyous mainly because we heard that Joyous Team was previously from a renowned tuition brand where GEP and PSLE results were record high. We heard good reviews about the teachers as well. They are indeed nurturing and above all, put in great effort in their teaching. My child looks forward going to his Science lessons every Wednesday night. All thanks to Mr Mag as my child comes home with full marks every time. Another plus point is that the class size is kept small to maximize student and teacher interaction.

- Lizhe

My son, Reagan is with Joyous Learning for Thinking Writer and Science. Having been with a few enrichment centres, he simply loves Joyous Learning. Most importantly is that he has been enjoying the lessons very much from the start in Jan this year.The teachers are awesome and engaging and that contributed to Reagan's enthusiasm in attending the classes. They provide feedbacks to parents on child's learning and I am still monitoring his progress. My sincere thanks to the teachers!

- Mok SL

I've tried mathematics enrichment for my daughter at several centres. To me, mathematics is quite straightforward. Just drill all the way. So was pleasantly surprised by the small little things they do in class to make lessons more interesting. One activity I remember in particular was the forex exchange game they played in class when they were learning the topic of money. My girl was happy cos she exchanged the most amount of "joyous dollars" at the end. Haha!

- Kev W

Parent's Testimonials

Here are what some parents say about lessons @ Joyous Learning.

My P3 son attended Joyous GEP class since the beginning of the year, and thus far it has been great. My son is the type who never likes school, or tuition, etc. But surprisingly he likes joyous classes. I think the lessons at joyous, as the name indicates, are truly joyous :) I'd recommend this center to other parents looking for fun and engaging enrichment for their kids.

- Dr Sun

I enrolled my girl to Joyous Learning in early of this year. Actually my intention is not to push her into GEP. I wanted my girl to explore more and broaden her horizons, learn the different ways how to think instead of fixed ways taught at school. She was very excited to share with me the various creative ways of solving difficult problems she learnt from the teachers, who were very kind, patient and humorous. My girl and I believe Joyous Learning really focuses on inspiring and guiding children to think independent. We love Joyous learning. Thank you teachers. We definitely love to recommend you and Joyous Learning to everyone.

- Zhou AM

My P3 boy looks forward to his weekly lessons at Joyous. His teacher, Mr Goh, is an effective and experienced teacher who employs innovative learning strategies to engage the class. Joyous has advanced technology and resources, which explains why my boy enjoyed the fully interactive live video conferencing cum online lessons via Zoom (during the COVID-19 period). The lessons at Joyous are both interesting and insightful, online and offline.
- Mrs Seow

Joyous Learning is a learning centre that really cares for their students. A big thank you to Adrian and his team for putting in their heart into helping my son with his PSLE prep. Due to a medical condition, he was not able to attend school in P5 & P6 and had only 6 months ( april to sept) to prepare for psle in the midst of treatment. The weekly online tuition sessions were very useful for helping him to catch up with "lost time" that enabled him to gain confidence in facing the psle. The curriculum and materials of the centre are well organised and paced very well for PSLE preparation. The centre manager Irah was also always ready to support during the online lesson times. Eventually the results exceeded our expectations and he managed to score an A* for both English and Science ( the subjects that he had tuition with Joyous Learning)! 

- Mrs Grace Phua, mother of Jonas ( P6 2020) 

Students' Testimonials

Here are what some students say about lessons @ Joyous Learning.

Mr Goh is a good teacher. He always sets up fun games for us and when you are not sure of how to do questions, he will always explain again. If I have not finished writing, he will wait for me. He is a very funny and patient teacher.

- Sera

The teachers here are all very kind. I don't feel like I'm going for extra lessons or another school when I come to Joyous Learning. It's my second favourite place after home.

- Jayden

I like how my teachers always finds something interesting to share during the lesson. I like learning new things that are not already covered in my textbooks. My teachers are awesome!
- Shihan

My teacher never fail to make every lesson enjoyable. No matter the topic, she always finds nuggets of information to share with us that blow our minds! My grades have definitely improved since I started attending lessons here!

- Malcolm

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