In this workshop, students will take the GEP Screening Mock Tests based on the latest format under simulated examination conditions. The scripts will be graded and returned. During the review session, the instructor will go through the solutions to train students on the skills and strategies required to solve commonly-asked questions.

There are 4 Mock Tests to choose from:
GEP Screening English Mock Test 1
GEP Screening English Mock Test 2
GEP Screening Mathematics Mock Test 1
GEP Screening Mathematics Mock Test 2
*Mock Test 1 and 2 are different sets of papers with different questions

Fee for each Mock Test: $180
Package discounts: 5% for 2 tests, 15% for 4 tests
Joyous students enrolled in the weekly GEP programme will enjoy additional 10% discount. 

The Workshop comprises 2 parts

Part 1: Taking the Test
Candidates will take the Mock Test(s) onsite at the centre.
See available test-taking timings in registration form below.

Part 2: Review & Training
Candidates will receive their graded scripts. The instructor will review the solutions with the students and teach them skills and strategies to solve GEP-type questions.
See available review & training timings in registration form below.

How to enrol!

Step 1: Select the Mock Tests you wish to enrol your child for.

Step 2: Select a time slot for every Mock Test that your child is enrolling for.
If your child is enrolling for 2 Mock Tests, check 2 boxes.
If your child is enrolling for 4 Mock Tests, check 4 boxes.

The Mock Tests will be administered onsite at Joyous Learning centre under timed conditions.

Step 3: Await confirmation on availability.

Step 4: Make payment.


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GEP Screening Mock Test Review & Training
Test-taking timings. Choose 1 timing for every Test enrolled.