2024 P3 Timetable

Lessons commence from 2 Jan 2024

GEP Selection Prep (Onsite 3h/week)Friday3:30pm6:45pm
GEP Selection Prep (Onsite 3h/week)Saturday9:30am12:45pm
GEP Selection Prep (Onsite 3h/week) - Full ClassSaturday1:45pm5:00pm
GEP Selection Prep (Onsite 3h/week) - Full ClassSunday2:15pm5:30pm
GEP Selection Prep (Zoom 1.5h+1.5h/week)Saturday &5:30pm7:00pm
2024 P3 Registration Form
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Max 9 per class
Fee for every 4 lessons

Onsite English + Mathematics + General Ability (3h): $720
Online (Zoom) English + Mathematics + General Ability (1.5h + 1.5h): $540


Early registration

  • Till 31 Oct: $100 discount
  • 1 Nov to 30 Nov: $75 discount
  • 1 Dec to 31 Dec: $50 discount
  • 1 Jan to 31 Jan: $25 discount

Multiple course registration

Total number of courses is counted at the parent level. (For example, if Sibling A is enrolled in 1 course and Sibling B is enrolled in 2 courses, the total number of courses is counted as 3)

  • 2nd course: $15 discount
  • 3rd course: $20 discount
  • 4th course onwards: $25 discount

Referral rebates

  • Direct referral
    $80 + $80 referral rebate for you and your friend for subsequent month’s fee.
    Simply ask your friends to quote your child’s name they register.
  • Google review
    $20 rebate on your child’s next monthly fee.
    Remember to state your child’s name in the review so we can credit your account when we receive an alert from Google about your review!