Is your GEP child at a loss when it comes to their ERP (Extensive Reading Programme) assignments, such as their Sandwich Book Reviews or Reading Response Journal?

They’ll be tasked to conduct an analysis on a character in a literary text as part of the GEP syllabus, in addition to critiquing the plot and setting of a book.

At Joyous Learning, we teach our students to dissect characters in a systematic manner using the AADT (Actions-Appearance-Dialogue-Thoughts) framework. This technique will ensure that the analysis is thorough, insightful and comprehensive.

Here’s an overview of how to use the framework to analyse characters.

GEP English Enrichment

Now, time for some practice!

Get your child to analyse the characters in the text below and discuss his or her opinions using the AADT framework.

The teacher with the gentle face knelt next to the crying boy and put a hand on his shoulder.

“It is okay to be upset. These things happen. Whatever happens, you must remember that is not your fault,” the teacher said in a comforting tone.

The teacher dabbed away the boy’s tears with a piece of tissue paper, then held him in a tight embrace. She could feel the boy’s body heave with each sob, and it pained her to see him so upset.

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