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CA1 ON 11 MAY 2022 


Not sure where to start to help your P5 GEPer child prepare for upcoming P5 GEP Mathematics Continual Assessment (CA) on 11 May 2022

Outsource this critical mission to the Joyous GEP Specialists! Enrol your child in this 4-lesson catch-up workshop and our experienced GEP Specialist Teacher will get your child up to speed so that he or she aces the CA. 

This workshop, which is conducted by an ex-GEP Rosyth-RI teacher (click here for his full profile), is also open to mainstream students who are advanced in mathematics!

Workshop highlights:

  • Prepares P5 GEP students for the upcoming CA1 on 11 May 2022

  • Topics based the MOE GEP syllabus

  • High level challenging questions

  • Timed practice

  • Detailed explanations and solutions

Lesson timings 

Mondays, 5.30 pm - 7.30 pm

Commencement date: 18 April 2022

End date: 9 May 2022


Limited to 9 students

For P5 GEP students and students who are advanced in Mathematics 

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