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Not sure where to start to help your P5 GEPer child prepare for upcoming P5 GEP Mathematics Investigative Task 1 (15% Weighted Assessment) on 27 February 2023

As part of the MOE P5 Gifted Education Programme Mathematics syllabus, GEP students are required to conduct an investigation task to understand and appreciate the mathematical sorcery behind number sequences and patterns.

​Gain a crystal-clear understanding of how the general formulae for Arithmetic, Geometric and Quadratic Number Sequences work. Learn step-by-step how to derive the general formula for the nth term of number sequences. Master this heuristic and you'll be able to solve any "extrapolating-the-pattern" type question that might appear in the PSLE Mathematics paper. 


Learn about the intriguing properties of special number sequences such as Fibonacci Numbers, Pascal's Triangle, Palindromic Numbers, and solve related interesting and challenging problems!

Let our experienced GEP Specialist Teacher help your child ace Investigative Task 1 through this 2-lesson workshop! This workshop is conducted by an ex-GEP Rosyth-RI teacher. (Read his full profile here.)

This workshop is also open to mainstream students who are advanced in mathematics and are up for a challenge!

Students will

  • learn how to derive nth term formula for arithmetic and geometric progressions using different methods

  • learn how to analyse and break down number sequences and patterns using various heuristics

  • be exposed to a variety of challenging questions

Dates: 13 & 20 Feb 2023 (Mondays)
Time: 3.15 pm - 5.15 pm

​Fee: $220

Limited to 9 students

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