According to MOE, questions in the GEP Screening and Selection Tests are based on Primary One to Primary Three syllabus.

That means for Mathematics, students will not be tested on say, the area of a circle, because students would only have learnt how to calculate the area of squares and rectangles, and not circles, by the end of Primary Three. For English though, it is harder to draw the boundary around what falls within Primary One to Primary Three syllabus because there is no definitive set of vocabulary words or language skills that students need to master.

Questions on mathematical combinations are a good example of a ‘fair’ but challenging question for Primary Three students. Though combinatorics is not a topic that is taught in primary school, students have the foundational skills required to break down and solve such questions.

Can your Primary Three child answer the following past year GEP Screening Test Mathematics question?

past year gep screening selection test question

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