2019 PSLE English Composition Question - Breaking it Down in Terms of Pictures & Plot

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Write a composition of at least 150 words about a celebration.

Your composition should be based on one or more of these pictures.

In this article, we focus on an oft-neglected, but important, stage of composition writing - PLANNING. Specifically, we will go into the nuts and bolts of how picture selection affects the plot (and hence, the relevance of the story with respect to the question).

Now, if you were writing this composition,

  • which picture would you choose to use?

  • what would your plot be like?

  • at which part of your story would the picture be featured?

Let’s go through the thinking processes a writer must undertake when breaking down and planning for this composition.

Step One: Understand the topic/theme

What does the word celebration mean?

Definition: the activity of doing special, enjoyable things for an important occasion, achievement, etc.

With this definition in mind, the writer must ensure that the story centres around a momentous, happy, joyous occasion.

Step Two: Choose your picture(s)

Before choosing your picture, make sure you have studied each one carefully.

Let’s think about what each picture is about and examine how easy or difficult it is to relate it to the topic or theme. We do this by asking ourselves pertinent questions about how each picture might fit into a story.

People dancing