Ahsan Solves PSLE Maths Question in 2 Ways

Updated: Mar 17

Pupils in a school are put into 2 groups for a learning journey. 2/5 of the pupils are in Group A and the rest are in Group B. 1/4 of the pupils in Group A are girls. In the school, 3/10 of the pupils are girls. What fraction of the pupils in Group B are girls?

Can your Primary 6 child solve this mathematics question? Let him or her have a go at it before watching the video solution.

Sometimes, the best way to teach a kid is to have another kid to explain a concept in their own terms. The results, which constantly surprises us teachers, are often insightful, delightful and effective.

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*The questions featured in the videos are questions never seen before by Ahsan. What you see is his genuine reaction and the thought process he goes through when breaking down a question.

Email PSLE Maths questions that you can't solve to ahsan.maths.help@joyouslearning.com.sg.

(Disclaimer: No guarantees he will be able to solve them either.)

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