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Worried about your child’s English grades?

How Our Primary School English Tuition Helps Your Child Score AL1 in English

Set your child on the path of English success with our student-centric methodologies that bring joy to the learning process!

Are you tired of seeing your child struggle with English? Is the fear of your child falling behind in today’s competitive academic environment keeping you up at night?

Welcome to our dedicated English Tuition Centre, where we address the challenges you and your child face when it comes to learning English.

In a world where communication is key, mastery of the English language lays the foundation for a promising future. A strong grip on English from the primary level will open up numerous opportunities for your child at the secondary and junior college levels.

Take the first step towards empowering your child with a love for English and a bright future with our comprehensive English tuition classes!

Remember, it’s not just about learning English. It’s about building a solid foundation for your child’s future. So why wait?

Let’s give your child the competitive edge they need to achieve academic success!

Why do primary school students struggle with English?

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Lack of safe & encouraging learning environments

Traditional classrooms can often be intimidating, inhibiting students from asking questions, seeking help, and expressing their thoughts freely.

They stifle students’ confidence and lower their self-esteem, ultimately hindering their progress in various areas of language usage, from verbal to written communication.

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Limited individualised attention during English lessons in school

Another significant challenge primary school students in Singapore face is the limited individualised attention they receive during school hours, whether they be during their English enrichment class or actual primary school programme.

Large class sizes often make it difficult for teachers to cater to each student’s specific needs, leading to learning gaps and a weak foundation in their language skills.

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Mismatch between learning and teaching methods

Each student has their own unique learning style, and unique pace.

However, most teaching students English often rely heavily on one particular style and progress at a standard pace mandated in the teaching plans, leaving many students disconnected and disengaged.

Our Joyous Learning Process


Highly qualified tutors with a variety of experience

As one of Singapore’s best English tuition centres, we are committed to providing high-quality primary English tuition and enrichment programmes to support the achievement of the academic goals of our students.

Our academic team comprises passionate teachers with a wealth of teaching experience in schools and tuition centres.​


Small class size

With a maximum of just 9 students per class, your child will experience a level of unmatched individualised attention and interaction with our highly experienced teachers.

We assess your children’s specific needs, foster their natural talents and help them achieve progress in areas where they require extra support.


Unique approach to the English language syllabus

Our curated curriculum for teaching English at the primary school level is aligned with the latest MOE syllabus to help students develop the critical thinking skills needed to ace national and school examinations.

By introducing novel and engaging exercises, our English enrichment classes build critical language skills that enable students to learn, appreciate and use English much more effectively.

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Supportive and nurturing learning environments

Our English tutors are genuinely passionate about creating a nurturing environment where all our students feel comfortable asking questions and seeking help.

We believe that when students feel valued and comfortable, they can truly flourish and unleash their true potential in English.


Online English support

With our supplemental online English support, your child’s educational journey remains uninterrupted and vibrant, even on days when they don’t have English tuition classes.

Your child will have access to a vast library of resources tailored to their learning needs, enabling them to fill any knowledge gaps, strengthen their foundation, and excel academically.


Proven track record

Utilising results-driven strategies that have stood the test of time, Joyous Learning equips students with not just knowledge but also essential exam skills and answering techniques.

Over the years, we have consistently guided primary and secondary students towards exceptional performance in their English exams with our English tuition and enrichment classes.

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Build a strong foundation in English and see opportunities bloom for your child.

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What your child gets when you sign up for English tuition at Joyous Learning:

Enhance your child’s English language skills with our unique and engaging curriculum designed to bring joy back to learning.
Improve critical thinking skills and knowledge application, shaping them to be global citizens equipped for the modern world.
Boost your child’s self-confidence in their English skills with our nurturing and supportive learning environment.
Personalised attention and tailored teaching techniques that address the specific learning needs of each student.
Supplemental online tuition tools to aid your child’s English progress, even on days without tuition classes.

The Path to Success:

English Tuition for Primary & Secondary School Levels

Primary Composition Writing Class

P3 GEP Selection Preparation

Secondary School English Tuition