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Our Mathematics programme is designed for students aiming to build a solid foundation in mathematics and explore fascinating mathematical ideas and concepts beyond Primary School level mathematics. Our teachers transform abstract mathematical concepts into ideas that learners can grasp readily. We do this by dissecting problems into smaller, easily digestible logical parts and by relating the concepts being introduced to everyday situations that children are familiar with.

To encourage independent and critical thinking, a key skill in tackling non-routine questions, we ask learners to investigate the validity a particular method under various different scenarios, or to compare alternative methods of solving a particular question.

As an extension to the Primary School Mathematics syllabus, our curriculum features the Trachtenberg Speed Calculation System, a system of mental calculation designed to build speed and accuracy in numeracy operations.

At the end of it all, students will not only score well in PSLE Mathematics, they will develop a love for numbers!

Download the programme booklet for detailed course outline.

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