For Situational Writing in Primary School Level English, students are sometimes required to write emails.

One mistake that frequently shows up in emails is the use of the word ‘revert’.

It is common to see sentences such as “Please revert at your earliest convenience” or “I will revert to you as soon as possible”.

In the above examples, ‘revert’ is used to mean ‘reply’ or ‘respond’.

However, a quick check with our trusty dictionary tells us that the true meaning of the word ‘revert’ is ‘to go back or return to (an earlier state, condition, situation, etc.)’.

Below are examples of correct usage of the word ‘revert’.

(a) Amos reverted to his old ways after being released from prison.

(b) After 99 years, ownership of the HDB flat will revert to the government.

Situational Writing

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