In earlier articles, we discussed the role of trigger activities in sparking students’ interest in doing maths. If you haven’t read those, catch up here .
Below is another trigger activity, extracted from a Joyous Learning worksheet on the topic of Time.
Have a go and see how many you get correct!
Joseph Schooling won a gold medal in the men’s 100 m butterfly at the 2016 Olympics. What was his timing in this event?
(a) 52.15 s
(b) 51.76 s
(c) 50.83 s
(d) 50.39 s
The longest MRT journey in Singapore without changing trains starts at Pasir Ris and ends at Joo Koon. What is the duration of this journey?
(a) 55 min
(b) 65 min
(c) 75 min
(d) 85 min
(e) Depends on whether there is a breakdown
q2 mrt
The Singapore-KL High Speed Rail is expected to cut travelling time between the two cities to about __________.
(a) 60 min
(b) 90 min
(c) 120 min
(d) 180 min
As of September 2016, the longest non-stop flight in the world flies from Auckland, New Zealand to Dubai. What is the flight duration?
(a) 15 h 25 min
(b) 16 h 5 min
(c) 17 h 15 min
(d) 18 h 55 min
q4 nonstop flight
There is something mysterious about trivia quizzes; after making an effort to recall certain information and committing ourselves to an answer, we feel an inexplicable urge to confirm our answer.
This urge is what we want our students at Joyous Learning to experience after attempting the trivia quiz. In order to confirm their answers, they will have to solve the word problems that follow.
Furthermore, the word problems also provide our students with authentic and meaningful contexts to explore the topic on Time. Click here, if you want to catch up on that discussion on how students benefit when they do maths in an authentic and meaningful context.
By the way, you will need to tackle the word problems (extracted from Joyous Learning Maths worksheet) below to check your trivia quiz answers!
  1. In the Rio Olympics 2016, Joseph Schooling won Singapore’s first Olympics gold medal in the men’s 100m butterfly event. 3 swimmers – Michael Phelps, Chad le Clos and Laszlo Cseh – shared the silver medal. The silver medallists were 0.75s behind Schooling, a margin considered wide in competitive swimming. The sum of these 4 swimmer’s timing is 203.81s. What was Joseph Schooling’s timing in the 2016 Olympics men’s 100m butterfly event? Leave your answer in seconds only.
  2. Every morning, Mr Chan boards the first train at Pasir Ris Station at 05 28. He reaches Joo Koon Station at 06 33. He then takes a 20-minute bus ride to his workplace at Tuas. (a) What is the duration of his train journey? Leave your answer in hours and minutes. (b) How much time does Mr Chan spend commuting to and from work every day? Leave your answer in hours and minutes.
  3. Mr Harata goes on business trips to Kuala Lumpur (KL) once a month. The bus journey from Singapore to KL usually takes 4.5 hours. With the upcoming Singapore-KL High Speed Rail, Mr Harata expects his journey time to be reduced by 2/3. How long is a journey from Singapore to KL on the High Speed Rail expected to take? Leave your answer in hours and minutes.
  4. James boarded a non-stop flight from Auckland, New Zealand to Dubai. The plane departed at 23 45 on 28th February 2016. The flight duration was 17 hours 15 minutes. Dubai is 8 hours behind Auckland. What was the arrival time and date of this flight? Leave your answer in the 24-hour clock notation. [Before attempting this question, students will be shown a video clip from Brainpop to learn about timezones @ brainpop.co.uk/humanities/geographymapsatlasesandglobes/timezones]
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