As the landscape of secondary education in Singapore evolves, so do the frameworks guiding it.

One of the newest shifts has been the MOE’s introduction of Subject-Based Banding for secondary school.

But what does this mean for your child, especially if they’re transitioning from primary to secondary school or already in the midst their secondary school journey?

Let’s dive in!

Understanding Full Subject-Based Banding (FSBB)

full subject based banding

Let’s start with the basics. What exactly is the MOE’s new Subject-Based Banding?

Gone are the days when students were funnelled into specific academic tracks based on an aggregate score of four subjects. The new SBB allows students to choose subjects for secondary school education based on their strengths, learning needs and passions.

There will no longer be separate Express, N(A), and N(T) streams, and students will be in mixed-form classes where they can interact with peers of different strengths and interests.

Under Full SBB, the curriculum will go beyond the four PSLE subjects to allow eligible students to take Humanities subjects at a more demanding level starting from Secondary 2.

So, instead of being limited by an overarching academic performance, students can now truly play to their strengths.

It’s like ordering a la carte at a restaurant, picking what you’re in the mood for, rather than settling for a fixed set meal.

The Mechanics: How Does the Subject-Based Banding Work?

upper secondary students

You’re probably familiar with the traditional streaming system, where students were sorted based on their performance in the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).

This tended to lead to stigmatisation and stereotyping. SBB aims to eliminate this problem with these core principles:

  • Mixed form classes: Each form class contains students taking subjects and varying levels so students can interact with peers of different strengths and interests.
  • Common Curriculum Subjects: All secondary school students will take a set of subjects at a common level, including Art, Physical Education, Food and Consumer Education, and Character and Citizenship Education.
  • Core subjects: Students will take English Language, Mother Tongue Languages, Mathematics, and Science classes according to their subject level.
  • Subject Levels: Based on a student’s strengths and performance, they will learn different subjects at a subject level (G1, G2, G3) that best suits them. They can further adjust these subject levels as they progress through secondary school.

How Does SBB Impact Secondary School Students?

diverse learning needs

There are several advantages to this new system. Let’s explore:

1. Play to Your Child’s Strengths

Do you remember a subject you loved in primary school but had to give up in secondary school due to streaming?

With the SBB, your child will have a chance to continue their love affair with subjects of their passion and excel in them.

2. Break Down Barriers

With mixed-form classes in secondary schools, the age-old stigma of streaming fades away. No more labels, just a community of learners celebrating their unique strengths.

3. Well-rounded education

The Full SBB is part of MOE’s ongoing efforts to nurture the joy of learning and develop multiple pathways to cater to the different strengths and interests of our students,

Do you feel excited about the winds of change sweeping through the Singapore education landscape? Because we certainly do!

Sail Through SBB Smoothly with Joyous Learning

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Now, while all this change is exhilarating, it might also feel overwhelming, right? How do you navigate these new waters?

Enter Joyous Learning!

At Joyous Learning, we’re more than just educators; we’re your partners in this journey of change.

We’ve always prided ourselves on being updated, adaptive, and, most of all, student-centric.

Our team has thoroughly grasped the new Subject-Based Banding, so we’re in a position to offer counsel and assist every student in benefiting from this system.

From primary school to secondary school, our goal remains unwavering: to provide quality education that inspires and empowers. And with this new SBB system, we’re even more excited to help our students explore their strengths and passions in new, dynamic ways.

Ready to Dive Deeper into the World of Joyous Learning?

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