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Special Powers

  • GEP Screening & Selection Test Preparation

  • English & Creative Writing

  • Science

  • Bonding with Young Learners


Adrian has spent the last 15 years writing materials for and teaching Primary Level English, Science and GEP preparatory classes after his decade-long stints in a fund management firm and investment bank. As a GEP Screening & Selection Test coach, he has helped over 450 students gain admission into the Gifted Education Programme.

Adrian is an ex-ASEAN Secondary, Pre-U & Undergraduate Scholar. "I was quite the nerd in my younger days," he admits. Some would say he is still one today.

irah new.png


Academy Manager

Special Powers

  • Mathematics

  • Warm-heartedness

  • Infectious Cheerfulness

  • Efficiency


Irah is an educator whose 15 years of experience spans MOE schools as well as enrichment and student care centres. At Joyous Learning, she has created a homely and conducive learning environment for students and teachers alike. Parents appreciate her for her warm personality, chattiness and willingness to go out of her way to attend to their needs.


"The key is in finding that sweet spot where the interests of students, their parents and our teachers converge," Irah proclaims sagely.

dr inderbir new.png


Gifted Education Consultant

Special Powers

  • Gifted Education

  • IQ Assessment (WISC)

  • Creative & Critical Thinking

  • Positive Psychology


Dr Sandhu holds a PhD in Psychology (Gifted Education) from the University of Cambridge, UK.


She has been working with high ability learners since 1996. Her experience includes teaching and advisory roles at Cambridge, Stanford University's Education Programme for Gifted Youth and National Association for Gifted Children (Malaysia). In Singapore, she had served as school psychologist at Raffles Girls' Secondary School and consultant to iGenius Singapore.

Despite being dyslexic, Dr Sandhu is a polyglot who speaks English, Malay, Hindi, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia and Punjabi.

seok bee new.png


English Specialist

Special Powers

  • Energetic & Focused

  • Wry sense of Humour

  • Making Lessons Effective & Enjoyable


In addition to majoring in English Language and Literature, Seok Bee has minors in Chinese Studies and Literature. With more than 20 years of experience in MOE schools, overseas institutes and enrichment centres, Seok Bee is a master in the Tao of Teaching.

Having raised two children who were both in the Gifted Education Programme, Seok Bee understands just what it takes to nurture and motivate young learners.

This English Specialist enjoys travelling and chronicalling her jaunts in an analogue travelogue. "I will be the last bastion of offline journaling!" steadfast Seok Bee declares.

ligaya new.png


English Specialist

Special Powers

  • Inspiring Young Learners

  • English Communication

  • Making English Relevant for Young Learners


Ligaya has been teaching English to primary and secondary students in MOE schools and enrichment centres for over two decades. She is the quintessential teacher's teacher - having served mentor to younger teachers.


Ligaya proclaims, "I strive to impart the accurate use of the English language and to awake the joy of learning through books, articles, songs, poems and videos. By exposing students to the breadth and depth of language, I hope they would find their own voice of expression."


Naturally, for one should expect nothing less from an English Language and English Applied Discourse major.

marcus new.png


GEP & Writing Specialist

Special Powers

  • GEP Screening & Selection Test Preparation

  • English & Creative Writing

  • Transforming Transformers Toys


A GEP alumnus from Raffles Institution, Marcus has been tutoring students in English, Language Arts and Literature since 2005, and more recently, preparing students who are embarking on the GEP journey. Besides tutoring, Marcus writes scripts for Channel 5 TV shows such as Lion Moms and Crimewatch, as well as movie reviews for Yahoo!

On this GEP experience, Marcus professes, "GEP broadened my horizons. The rigorous curriculum stimulated my intellectual curiosity, and learning with motivated classmates imbued me with a strong work ethic."

Regular spending of undisclosed amounts on toys has made Marcus one of the largest private collectors of Transformers in Singapore, a fact we're not sure we're proud of. 

cyborg new.png


English, Mathematics & GEP Specialist

Special Powers

  • Curriculum Writing

  • Meticulousness

  • Spicing up the Routine


Being an MOE school teacher and an ex-Editor at an educational publishing house, Kian Ming brings to bear valuable teaching and curriculum design experience.

When asked his curriculum writing process, he had this to say: "Oftentimes, I'm inspired when I'm watching documentaries, reading the news or shopping at the supermarket." Indeed, judging from his questions that feature animals drinking from a pond in a savannah and efficient food packaging designs - he's not joking.

On his off days, Kian Ming attends warehouse books sales where he buys everything from the The Colonial History of Sabah and Sarawak to the Adventures of the Mad Chinaman. Presumably, he reads them.

stella new.png


Science & Mathematics Specialist

Special Powers

  • Enthusiasm & Initiative

  • Gregariousness 

  • Connecting with Kids


Armed with a degree in Science and a Post-Grad Diploma in Mathematics, Stella has been teaching Primary as well as Secondary Maths and Science in MOE schools and enrichment centres for over 15 years. Her work as HOD of Pupil Welfare at a previous workplace has imbued her with a sensitivity and the skills to manage the affective needs of students.


Stella likes coming up with maths-based card tricks to entertain the young ones during family gatherings. Her other interest includes visiting the Science Centre with her children. "It's more fun than shopping at Orchard Road," so claims Stella.  

Dr Inderbir
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