The enriched GEP Maths curriculum is differentiated in terms of

(a) Level of complexity and connectivity

– Questions that require more steps of computations and/or linking of multiple concepts

(b) Depth of concepts

– Appreciating and deriving mathematical principles and formulae

(c) Pacing

– Some P5 mainstream topics are covered in P4 GEP

(d) Mathematical communication

– Showing working and explanations clearly

Below is the scheme of work for P4 GEP Mathematics, broken down by terms.

Term 1


– Whole Numbers

– Factors & Multiples

– Tables & Graphs

Weighted Assessment 1: Investigative Task 1 (25 marks, 45 min, 5%)

Term 2


– Fractions

– Decimals

Weighted Assessment 2: Common Test 1 (50 marks, 1 h 15 min, 15%)

Term 3


– Decimals

– Averages

– Perpendicular & Parallel Lines

– Angles, 8-Point Compass

– Symmetry & Tessellations

Weighted Assessment 3: Common Test 2 (50 marks, 1 h 15 min, 15%)

Term 4


– Area & Perimeter

Weighted Assessment 4: Investigative Task 2 (25 marks, 45 min, 5%)

End of Year Examination (100 marks, 1 h 30 min, 60%)

Most of the topics in P4 GEP Maths overlap with the P4 mainstream Maths syllabus.

However, there are some concepts taught in P4 GEP Maths that are not covered in P4 mainstream Maths. They include:

– Divisibility test


– Prime factorisation

– Prefixes

– Mean, Median, Mode

– Properties of angles for transversals

Further, P4 GEP students have complete two Investigative Tasks which together comprise 10% of the Weighted Assessments for the year. This exercise tests students on deriving nth term formulae for mathematical progressions (which is useful for PSLE but not explicitly taught in the mainstream syllabus).

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P4 GEP students

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