A year into their GEP journey, P5 GEP students will be exposed to even more genres of writing. As in P4, P5 students they will be required to write in different text formats (and genres).

The first major task in the year is the Mystery Story. Students will be required to write a Mystery Story following the conventions of a mystery novel. To aid them on this task, it is recommended that students read some of the mystery novels from the first section of their ERP list to familiarise themselves with the genre. They will need to pick up on plot devices commonly used in mystery stories and learn how to use language to evoke suspense and intrigue.

P5 GEPers

Thereafter, students will be tasked to write and design a Persuasive Brochure based on a book they have read from the ERP list. This has to be done in the style of a print advertisement, which requires summary and argumentative writing techniques (both of which are Secondary English skills).

The main reading text for Primary 5 GEP is The Giver by Lois Lowry. Students will be required to write and perform a dramatic script based on The Giver. This requires students to have a deep understanding of the theme and authorial intent of the novel. A dramatic script has a completely different format from other types of writing students are accustomed to; it requires a keen ear for dialogue as well as the ability to visualise how a scene can be brought to life in front of a live audience.

Towards the end of the year, the focus will shift towards the mainstream PSLE English components. Having been immersed in the GEP English programme for close to two years, students will do well to familiarise themselves with the question requirements and format of the PSLE English paper.

Summary of GEP elements

– Mystery Story

– Persuasive Brochure

– Dramatic script and performance

– The Giver by Lois Lowry


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