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The GEP/Advanced English programme at Joyous Learning is designed for GEP students or advanced students who wish to undertake the study of English at a higher level.

Based on the MOE GEP syllabus, this programme covers the mainstream components that are assessed in the PSLE English paper as well as the more sophisticated and subtle aspects of reading, writing, listening and speaking that will enrich students' study of the English language.

Comprehensive Coverage

  • PSLE components

  • MOE GEP English components

    • Literary analysis - character study, literary devices

    • Poetry - format, analysis, composition

    • Persuasive Writing - structure, strategy

Speaking & Articulation

  • Speaking in front of an audience

  • Effective use of verbal and non-verbal cues

  • Persuasive speaking

Literary Appreciation & Extensive Reading Programme (ERP)

  • Themes and messages

  • Context and authorial intent

  • Conveying ideas and evoking emotion through language

  • Writing book reviews

Skills-Based Learning

  • Close reading and analysis of text

  • Inferential skills

Content-Based Learning

  • Fundamental grammar rules

  • Vocabulary

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the GEP/Advanced English programme different from the regular English programme?


In addition to covering the standard components that are tested in PSLE English, our GEP/Advanced English programme covers components that are unique to the MOE GEP English curriculum. We curate texts based on literary merit and design exercises to get students to think about how the English language can be used to great effect.


My child is not in the GEP but is strong in English. Can he/she join this programme?


Yes! The rigorous and stimulating coursework is meant to stimulate the interests of students who are advanced in English. Going beyond the PSLE syllabus, this programme will deepen a student’s appreciation of the utility and beauty of the English language.


What components are covered in the programme? How often do students write compositions?


The programme covers every component that is tested in the PSLE English paper as well as components covered in the P4-P6 MOE GEP English syllabus. It is paced such that every component is covered in a four-week lesson cycle. That means students will complete at least one full-length Composition every four lessons.


If I enrol my child in this programme, do I still need to enrol him/her in The Thinking Writer?


The Thinking Writer is a creative writing programme with a focus on preparing students for PSLE English Paper 1. Students will complete a variety of writing tasks every lesson and a full-length Composition every two lessons.


Students enrolled in the GEP/Advanced English programme will write Compositions at least once every four lessons. Should that not be sufficient, enrolling your child in The Thinking Writer programme ensures that your child gets the practice he or she needs.

Download the programme booklet for detailed course outline.

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