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The GEP/Advanced Mathematics programme at Joyous Learning is designed for GEP students or students who wish to undertake the study of Mathematics at a higher level.

Based on the MOE GEP syllabus, this programme covers the mainstream components assessed in the PSLE Mathematics paper as well as GEP-specific components such as Investigative Maths, non-routine questions and fascinating related mathematical concepts that will enrich students' study of mathematics.

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Topics are taught in the same order as the MOE GEP Maths syllabus

  • PSLE components

  • MOE GEP Mathematics components

    • Investigative Mathematics

    • Higher-order Thinking Questions

    • Heuristics Methods

Mad Maths

  • Students will be exposed to fascinating mathematical ideas that go beyond school syllabus

  • Includes hands-on activities

Stimulating Questions

  • Our stimulating questions are designed to fuel students’ interest in mathematics and get them to think deeply about the application of mathematical concepts.

  • Scenarios are based on real-world examples to enable students to relate mathematics to practical applications in everyday life.

Content & Skills-Based Learning

Students will be drilled on

  • mathematical formulae and concepts

  • methods for solving commonly-asked questions

Students will develop

  • a logical and systematic approach in solving questions

  • mental fortitude and tenacity critical to tackling non-routine questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the GEP/Advanced Mathematics programme different from the mainstream Mathematics programme?


In addition to covering the mainstream components that are tested in PSLE Mathematics, our GEP/Advanced Mathematics programme covers components that are unique to the MOE GEP Mathematics curriculum. Our stimulating questions are designed to fuel students’ interest in mathematics and get them to think deeply about the application of mathematical concepts.


My child is not in the GEP but is strong in Mathematics. Can he/she join this programme?


Yes! The rigorous and stimulating coursework is meant to stimulate the interests of students who are advanced in Mathematics. Going beyond the PSLE syllabus, this programme will deepen a student’s appreciation of the utility and beauty of Mathematics.


Will homework be given after every lesson?


Our lessons are not planned with homework in mind. All exercises are to be completed by students and gone through by teachers within each two-hour session. Homework is only assigned when a student is unable to complete what is meant to be completed within the lesson.


What components are covered in the programme?


The programme covers every component that is tested in the PSLE Mathematics paper as well as components covered in the P4-P6 MOE GEP Mathematics syllabus. We teach students formulae and methods that enable them to effectively solve challenging questions from GEP-specific topics.


Do you cover heuristics?


Yes, we do. In the context of Singapore mathematics, heuristics refer to strategies that are used to solve non-routine or complex questions. In addition to teaching various heuristics methods to solve different types of problems, our teachers encourage students to investigate independently and come up with novel solutions on their own.

Download the programme booklet for detailed course outline.

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