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With O Level, IP and IB tracks, navigating the Secondary School landscape has become more challenging than ever. When it comes to English language, some schools offer 'English' while others offer 'Language Arts'.

To cater for this, our Secondary School English Specialist teachers have curated a set of curriculum designed to help students develop the critical skills required to ace English in Secondary School. Receive proper guidance on how to analyse different text types, structure and write expository essays, and summarise texts.

Experience the difference our Specialist English Teachers and curated coursework will make to your child's English grades.

  • Download the programme booklet for detailed coursework and fees

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Introduction to Expository Writing & Textual Analysis


In Secondary School, students are taught the PEEL method (Point, Elaboration, Evidence, Link) for writing expository essays for English and other Humanities subjects. 


The most difficult part of PEEL is the L component – which stands for Link. What should a point be linked to and what constitutes an effective Link?


Learn all about PEEL and how to use it well in expository essays from our specialist Secondary English teachers. Once you’ve mastered this technique, you’ll see a boost in grades for your Humanities subjects as well!

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