PSLE English Composition - Reunion

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Here's a compo reflecting the times - a reunion amidst pandemic safe-distancing and maximum capacity regulations!


Write a composition of at least 150 words about reunion.

The pictures are provided to help you think about this topic.

Your composition should be based on one or more of these pictures.

Consider the following points when you plan your composition:

  • Who were the people involved?

  • What did the people do?


[Introduction. Starting with dialogue at the heart of the action]

“Grandpa, you’re on mute!”

We laughed as we watched Grandpa fumbling to unmute himself.

[Background information – setting the scene for the reunion dinner. Picture referenced: Family crowding in front of a laptop.]

Father, Mother and I crowded around Father's laptop. We were having our reunion dinner with our extended family in view of pandemic laws that restricted the number of people who could gather for dinner. Traditionally, my grandparents, uncle and aunt and five cousins would come over to our house for dinner. However this year, Mother was on Stay Home Notice, Grandma had sprained her leg, and my aunt's parents were visiting from China, so it just seemed more feasible to have our reunion dinner remotely through a video-conference.

[Rising Action. Descriptive details of the reunion dinner. "Problem" is introduced. Picture referenced: sumptuous food]

I salivated as Mother laid out a smorgasbord of my favourite food. There were mouth-watering barbecued chicken, braised abalone, steamed fish and grilled prawns. I could not wait to sink my teeth into the sumptuous spread but we could not start just yet because Grandpa was having trouble with the new-fangled technology. He did not have a laptop, so he had joined the call using his mobile phone. Grandpa was struggling to position his mobile phone such that he and Grandma could see us while they ate. To make matters worse, his prehistoric mobile phone was woefully inadequate for streaming live video feeds. We could tell irate Grandpa and Grandma were on the verge of giving up. They were disconnected every other minute and tempers were getting frayed all around.

[Climax. Turning point in the story.]

I looked at the glorious food, then at the laptop, and I knew just what I had to do.

“Mummy. I’ll go to Grandpa and Grandma's and help them with the call. I’m just one person, so I won’t be breaking any laws,” I said resolutely.

“But all your favourite food is here. You know Grandpa and Grandma are vegetarians, right?” Mother said.